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St Clares Chapel, Barnard Castle, Durham

St Clares Chapel, Barnard Castle, Durham   

St Clares Chapel (Cemetery Chapel) is located at Victoria Road in Barnard Castle.

Who can provide information about the history of this chapel?

The chapel is surrounded by an old cemetery:

loving memory

Anna Castle Atkinson

Born January 18th, 1834
Died June 11th, 1894

"Until the day break and the shadows flee away."

Cant. 2.17
A grave stone on the cemetery of St Clares
Atkinson, Anna Castle, 21 Feb 1834
Parents: John + Jane, Bookseller

Who's wrong, who's right?

Birth, baptism Elizabeth Hartley:
* 24 September 1866
~ 14 October 1866
Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England

Baptism Ada Maria Hartley:
03 May 1868
Parochial Chapelry, Barnard Castle, Durham, England

Parents of both:
John Hartley and Margaret Watson Hartley
A grave stone on the cemetery of St Clares
How gentle the chance
How sweet the sleep



Son of John and Margaret

Elizabeth Hartley

who died August 11th, 1867
aged 5 years

Ada, their daughter,
died September 27th, 1867
aged 18 month

In memory of


Relict of the late

Robert Perkins

who died June 3, 1865
aged 64 years.
   A grave stone on the cemetery of St Clares     
Perkins, Robert, 23 Mar 1832
Parents: George and Mary of Mains House, Farmer

A grave stone on the cemetery of St Clares

Thomas Green

late Sergt. 3rd Dragoon Guards
who died Oct 3rd, 1875;
aged 60 years.

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