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Dom and St Magnus Cemetery, Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany

Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany

The Dom (Cathedral) cemetery and St Magnus cemetery are places for funerals of members of the "Grauer Hof", the religious foundation of St Blasius and the St Magnus parish. In the course of the spirit of enlightenment began the gardener at court Zimmermann the reshape of the Dom cemetery in 1810. After the opening of the central cemetery was the St Magnus cemetery closed in 1887. Funerals in the Dom cemetery are still possible. Both cemeteries were combined to one cemetery in 1980.
Owner of the cemeteries are the religious foundation of St Blasius and the St Magnus parish.
(The "Grauer Hof" (Grey Yard) was the residence of the Brunswick dukes until it was burned down by the Brunswick inhabitants in 1830)

Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany

Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany

Some national and international well-known personalities are buried in these two cemeteries:

Julius Georg Paul Du Roi, 1754 - 1725, Geheimer Justizrath (high government official)
Carl Theodor Ottmer, 1800 - 1843, master builder of Sing-Academy of Berlin, Brunswick palace, Brunswick old railroad station.
Hans von Pawel, 1856 - 1925, member of a patrician family of the old town.
Egidius Crato Keck, 1710 - 1777, ducal physician
Wilhelm Mewes, 1848 - 1908, actor at court
Ludwig-Friedrich Knapp, 1814 .- 1904, pioneering chemistry technologist
Karl August von Schwartz, 1873 - 1943, last preacher at court and Dom
Karoline von Wenbergen, 1730 - 1766, wife of Johann Heinrich Oden, sculptor
Gustav Burmester, 1830 - 1919, gardener at court
August Klingemann, 1777 - 1831, author, manager of the court theater (first night of Goethe's "Faust")
Julius Wilhelm Pott, 1777 - 1813, physician
Friedrich Gerstäcker, 1816 - 1872, novelist ("Mississippi River Pirates", "The Arkansas Regulators")
Friedrich Ritter von Voigtländer, 1812 - 1878, manufacturer of optical devices
Albert Limbach, 1838 - 1898, printing plant (f.e. "Brunswick Newspaper")
Johannes Jacob Selenka, bookbinder at court, lobbyist of the small trade
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, 1729 - 1781, philosopher of the enlightenment, Poet ("Emilia Galotti", "Nathan the Wise")
Joh. Joachim Eschenburg, 1743 - 1820, literature historian, close friend of Lessing
Georg Howaldt, 1802 - 1864, founder, sculptor (Lessing memorial, statues of several Brunswick Dukes)
Carl Schiller, 1807 - 1874, private scholar, 1. manager of the city museum
Peter Joseph Krahe, 1758 - 1840, master builder (wall ring, Salve Hospes villa, gate houses)
Joachim Heinrich Campe, 1746 - 1818, teacher, linguist, novelist (books for young people)
Friedrich Vieweg, 1761 - 1735, editor of natural scientific literature
Georg Westermann, 1810 - 1879, publishing house, maps and atlas

The chapel is in use of the greek-orthodox parish today.

Brunswick, St Magnus Cemetery, Germany

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, 1729 - 1781

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, born on 22 January 1729 in Kamenz, Saxony and died 15 February 1781 in Brunswick, Prussia
was a German writer, philosopher, dramatist, publicist, and art critic, and one of the most outstanding representatives of the Enlightenment era. His plays and theoretical writings substantially influenced the development of German literature. He is widely considered by theatre historians to be the first dramaturg.
As the inscription of the backside of the grave column tells was the column errected by the Ducal Brunswick Theater in 1874.

The grave of Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Gerstäcker, 1816 - 1872
within the Huch family grave

The Gerstäcker family grave The grave of Friedrich Gerstäcker Marie Huch, nee Gerstäcker
The Huch family graveFriedrich Gerstäcker
born 10 May 1816 in Hamburg
died 31 May 1872 in Brunswick
Marie Huch, nee Gerstäcker (1853 - 1934)
married as 16 year old girl the 50 year old widow William Huch in 1867. They had 6 children. Her sons Friedrich and Felix Huch became well-known authors. Her step-son Richard Huch was the second husband of Ricarda Huch. Marie's mother was Anna Aurora Sauer (1822 - 1861), the first wife of Friedrich Gerstäcker.
Elisabeth Huch, nee Huch Eva Müller-Hofmann, nee Huch Marie Huch
Elisabeth Huch, nee Huch
born on 03 September 1883
died 15 May 1956
A daughter of Marie Gerstäcker
Eva Müller-Hofmann,
nee Huch
born 14 March 1882
died 10 September 1929
A daughter of Marie Gerstäcker
Marie Huch
born 06 September 1871
died 30 October 1883

The connection with the well-known Huch family (see Ricarda Huch) was established by the marriage of Marie Gerstäcker with William Huch.

Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Gerstäcker was a nineteenth-century author who wrote about social conditions in backwoods Arkansas before the Civil War. He visited the state from 1838 to 1842 for periods of up to eighteen months at a time. His writings - in the form of essays, short stories, and novels - provide insights into folkways, social conditions, popular religion, gender roles, and a host of other topics relating to backwoods life in Arkansas. His bestsellers were "The Arkansas Regulators" (1846) and "The Mississippi River Pirates" (1847).

Read also here.

Carl Schiller, 1807 - 1874

Carl Schiller Carl Schiller Carl Schiller
born 23 May 1807
died 28 June 1874

Dr. Carl Schiller was a private scholar and the first manager of the city museum.

Peter Joseph Krahe, 1758 - 1840

Peter Joseph Krahe Peter Joseph Krahe Katinka Krahe Mathilde Krahe
The grave of
Peter Joseph Krahe
The inscription on his grave stoneHis daughter
Katinka Krahe
born 29 May 1800 in Koblenz
died 13 February 1881 in Brunswick
His daughter
Mathilde Krahe
born 20 March 1803 in Brunswick
died 03 November 1881 in Brunswick


Peter Joseph Krahe
former ducal Brunswick Kammer- and Oberbaurat, honorary professor of the academies of beautiful arts at Düsseldorf, Florence and Bologna.
Born in Mannheim on 08 April 1758 and died in Brunswick on 07 October 1840.
Dignified and heartiest bemoaned from his family and his friends
This stone is consecrated to his memory from his mourning family.

Peter Joseph Krahe was an architect of the early classicism style. A lot of buildings and parks in Brunswick were planned and erected by him.

The grave of the von Strotha family

The von Strotha family grave
The von Strotha family grave Brunhilde von Strotha Eberhard von Strotha Karl Adolf von Strotha
The graveBrunhilde von Strotha
nee von Schwartz
born 07 May 1874
in Hessen-Brunswick
died 15 Dec 1943
in Brunswick
Eberhard von Strotha
Major at the staff of the
King's Infantry Regiment 145
born 29 August 1870 in Neuwalde, Silesia
Killed in action
24 August 1914
as Comander of the
3. Bat. Res. Inf. Rgt. 57
near Amel, France.
Karl Adolf von Strotha
born 12 February 19??
in Berlin-Wilmersdorf
killed in action
01 September 1942
near Rshew, Russia
Colonel and regiment comander of
Infantry Regiment 128
Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class

H. HowaldtH. Howaldt

Caster of bronze
1841 - 1891
Carl GlaesenerCarl Glaesener

Music Director
English - East-India
born 05 December 1825
died 01 May 1850

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