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St Andrews, Corbridge, Northumberland, UK

The walls are filled with stones from the nearby Roman camp Corstopitum, and in the churchyard stands the Vicar's Pele, built of Roman stones. It was constructed in the 14th century as protection against the Scottish raiders. The church has a Saxon tower, dating from the 8th century and the main body is a mixture of Gothic and Saxon. The entrance is Norman, while the large tower arch was apparently taken in its entirement from the Roman camp.

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Andrews In memory of

William Atkinson
who died 22. August 1829.
Aged 65 years.

Jane his wife died 7. February 1829.
Aged 63 years.

William his son died 15. October 1813.
Aged 14 years.

Jane his daughter died 23. June 1829.
Aged 24 years.

Thomasin his daughter died
14. April 1834. Aged 32 years.

Elizabeth his daughter died
16. December 1834. Aged 30 years.

George his son died 16. April
1832. Aged 32 years.

In memory of

Robert Atkinson
who died 16. March 1857
aged 11 years.
A grave stone on the cemetery of St Andrews

In memory of

John Richley
who died
January 15th, 1833 in the
37th year of his age.

Also of William and
Henry and of other two
both named John. Sons
of the above John and
Jane Richley, all who
died in infancy.

Also Mary, wife of Edward Scott
of Lynemouth and
daughter of the above
John Richley
who died December XX, 1869, aged XX years.

Also Jane Richley, wife of the above
John Richley
who died at ????
March the 28th, 1881(?), aged XX years.
A grave stone in the cemetery of St Andrews

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Andrews In memory of

Michael Crozier, who died
at Whittle-Mill, July 13, 1831.
Aged 66 years.

Also Ann, his wife, who died
February 4, 1823.
Aged 60 years.

William, their son, who died
February 3, 1799.
Aged 4 years.

Mary, their daughter
who died September 4, 1833.
Aged 44 years.

Elizabeth, their daughter
and wife of William Brown, who
died October XX, 18XX. Aged 43
years and was interred
at Gateshead(?)

Michael, their son of the above
who died March 6, 1857(?).
Aged X1 years.

Ann, second daughter of the above
who died November 10(?), 1863(?).
Aged 6? years.

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Andrews Sacred
to the memory of

Michael Lumley of the Blossom
Hill who died February 21st 1829.
Aged 72 years.

Ann his wife who died May 23rd
Aged 85 years.

Also Bartholomiew Lumley who
died at Corbridge Mill January 13th
1832. Aged 71 years.

Barbara his wife who died at the
Holly Hall October 29th 1839. Aged 76 years.

John, their son who died at Corbridge
August 27th 1813. Aged 20 years.

Henry their son who died at
Corbridge Mill June 23th 1827. Aged 29 years.

Elizabeth Hemsley their daughter
who died at the Black Hill February 15th
1839. Aged 43 years.

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Andrews In memory of

Matthew Siddell of this parish
who died 26th February 1838. Aged 58 years.

And of
Catherine his wife who died
13th August 1831. Aged 61 years.

of their children
who died as follows

Isabella in infancy in 1819.

Mary 7th May 1828. Aged 19 years.

Thomas 17th March 1833. Aged 5 years.

Martha 12th February 1837. Aged 26 years.

George 31th March 1837. Aged 24 years.

Christopher John 4th April
1838. Aged 17 years.

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