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Kilmartin Church, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK

Kilmartin Church, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK Kilmartin Church, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK
Kilmartin Church, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK

Kilmartin church, on a gravel terrace on Kilmartin Valley's east side, overlooks several prehistoric monuments. It was built in 1834-5 to replace a church of 1798 and an even earlier one from 1601. There is a record of a church here as early as 1323 and a vicar of Kilmartin is mentioned as early as 1304. The church and grounds contain a fine collection of Medieval graveslabs.
The modern church and the ancient graveyard dominate the raised terrace on which the village of Kilmartin has developed. The Bronze age Glebe cairn is visible above and to the left of the church. Kilmartin House museum is the white former manse building behind the church.

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Gravestone McIntyre
Errected by

Dugald McIntyre

in memory

of his beloved wife
Blann McNair
who died at Kilghoan Lodge
5th August 1882, aged 43 years.

Also their daughter
Isabella McIntyre
who died 29th September 1888, aged 23 years.

The above Dugald McIntyre
who died at Kilghoan Lodge
14th February 1897, aged 69 years.

Their daughter Annie
widow of Alex Murdoch
died 20th August 1916, aged 55 years.

Duncan McLachlan
Farmer, ????breck

in memory of his father

Duncan McLachlan
who died 2nd February 1888
aged 87 years.

His mother Lily Blair
died 6th December 1890
aged 87 years.

Hugh McLachlan
their son who died October 1856
aged 17 years.

Lily McLachlan
their daughter died March 1858
aged 14 years.

Also their grandson
Neil McLachlan Stewart
who died in Infancy.
Gravestone McLachlan

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