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St Mary the Virgin, Kilve, Somerset, UK

St Mary the Virgin, Kilve, Somerset, UK

St Mary the Virgin, Kilve, Somerset, UK St Mary the Virgin, Kilve, Somerset, UK St Mary the Virgin, Kilve, Somerset, UK
The Church of St Mary dates back to the 14th century. In the vestry is one remaining and very beautiful carved arch of the ancient screen. The tower has very recently had a considerable amount of restorative work done on it, and it is now rendered and painted a shade of off-white, as the whole church was until the early years of the 20th century.
The chantry was founded in 1329, when a brotherhood of five monks was employed to say Mass for their founder, Simon de Furneaux. The Roll of Incumbents shows that several successive chantry priests were incumbents of Kilve parish. The chantry seems to have fallen into a ruin long before the dissolution of the monasteries, and for centuries it served as a barn for the adjacent farm.

Gravestone Hay Sweet-EscottLeft gravestone:

In loving memory

the Rev.Hay Sweet-Escott
Rector of this parish

who died 7th August 1910. Aged 94.

Also of Eliza Ball, his wife.
Who died 29th January 1910. Aged 84.

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from
henceforth, yea. Saith the spirit, that they may rest from
their labours, for their works follow with them."

Right gravestone:
In loving memory

Rev. William Whitaker Sweet-Escott MA

Head master of King Henry VIII School, Coventry.

Born July 24th 1849, died November 7th 1889

"Be still, and know that I am God."
"He hath done all things well."
A gravestone William Whitaker-Sweet-Escott

Gravestone Mary Ann Langdon
In affectionate rememberance of

Mary Ann Langdon

Who died at Perry, East Quantoxhead, on Sunday April 27th 1879.
Aged 54 years.

"In the midst of life we are in death."

In memory of

Emily Mary daughter of

James & Mary Skinner

of Kilve who died Jan. 17th 1566(?)
aged 11 months

Help is needed for the last row. Who can read it?
Gravestone Emily Mary Skinner

Gravestone Charles John Merry
In loving memory of

Charles John Merry

who died June 19th 1895,
aged 56 years.

Also of Amelia Jane

wife of the above
who died April 26th 1901,
aged 50 years.

"Peace perfect peace."
1871 England Census:

William Merry, aged 59 years, Inn Keeper
born ca. 1812 in Halse, Somerset, England

Elizabeth Merry, aged 59

Charles J. Merry, aged 31, born ca. 1840 in Reading, Berkshire.

Also mentioned:
Francis Hiscott, aged 18 years
Mary J. Porter, aged 14 years.

Lieutenant Colonel

Reginald Bruce

late Rajput Regiment Indian Army
9th September 1897
5th December 1983

and his beloved wife

(nee Gildard)

9th May 1911
7th July 2000
Gravestone Charles John Merry

Gravestone Beatrice Mary Davis
In loving memory of
a beloved wife, mother,
grandmother and great-grandmother

Beatrice Mary Davis

25. June 1905 - 17. July 1991

Rest in Peace

Also a beloved husband, father,
grandfather and great-grandfather

Edward Davis

6. March 1900 - 18. November 1992


Mary Ann
wife of

William Summerhayes
who died July 12th 1900.
Aged 48 years

Also of

William Summerhayes
who died December 15th 1916.
Aged 68 years.

Also of

Frank C. Summerhayes
their son
who died March 26th 1919.
Aged 40 years.
Gravestone William Summerhayes

Gravestone John Hurley
Front side:
In loving memory of

John Hurley

who died Nov. 17th 1905 aged 83
Safely anchored.


Charley George Payne

who died July 25th 1957
Aged 81
Right side:


his beloved wife
who died
Dec. 25th 1944

Reunited. Resting
from her labours.
Left side:
Also of

Elizabeth Martha

sister-in-law of the above
Born Jan. 4th 1860
Died Dec. 7th 1892

She lived a quet christian
life and died in peace.

Many thanks to Sue "Craftingbelle". She contributed all these interesting pictures.

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