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Holy Paraclete, Kirkhaugh, Northumberland, UK

Holy Paraclete, Kirkhaugh, Northumberland, UK
The heart of the parish of Kirkhough is the Church of the Holy Paraclete lying very close to the Tyne on the east bank and the wall of the Churchyard. The Holy Paraclete is the Holy Spirit as embodied in the dove. "Paraclete" is translated from the Greek "paracletos" which means "the one who stands beside you to help you". There is no other church in England bearing this dedication. The Church was designed by the rector, Octavius James, without the benefit of an architect in 1849 although it occupies a very ancient site and is mentioned in medieval writings. One guide book describes the spire as "ridiculously thin".
Others describe it as "elegantly tapered". One wonders how a man of culture and vision such as Octavius James came to be living in a backwater like Kirkhaugh. The 1851 census shows him and his family at Clarghyll Hall about two miles away from the Church but across the Ayle Bum in Cumberland. Sadly Kirkhaugh lost both her rector and her records in a fire at Clarghyll Hall in 1889.

Gravestone Octavius James
In loving memory of

Octavius James M. A.

Rector of Kirkhaugh parish
for nearly 43 years
who was taken from this live
January 9th 1889. Aged 70 years.

Also of

Lewis James
his eldest son
who passed away and was buried at
St. Leonard-on-Sea
December 20th 1884.
Aged 36 years.

"O lamb of God that takest away the
sins of the world grant us thy peace"

Jane Catherine Helen James
wife of the Rev. O. James
born Nov. 7, 1821
fell asleep Sep. 25, 1911

"They shall obtain joy and gladness"
May they rest in peace
Clarghyll Hall, situated about two miles from Alston, was partly destroyed by fire, and the Rev. Octavius James, the occupant of the house, perished in the flames.
The reverend gentleman was 71 years of age, held the living of Kirkhaugh, and had been a justice of the peace for the county for about 40 years.

Jane Catherine Helen James was the daughter of Cpt. Thomas Bowlby.

Thomas Jackson married Ann Maughan on 23 June 1824.
In memory of

Thomas Jackson

of Kirkhaugh rectory
who died April 16th 1875
Aged 74 years.

Also of

Ann his wife
who died March 18th 1872
Aged 84 years.
Gravestone Thomas Jackson

Gravestone William Stothert
In memory of

William Stothert who died at ??? on
the 2nd Oct 1850, aged 56 years.

Also of Ann Teasdale his spouse, who died on
the 26th Nov 1843, aged 33 years.

Also of William Stothert, nephew
of the above named William Stothert
who died at Fartown, April 5th 1857,
aged 24 years.

Isaac Walton married Ann Tinniswood on 31 December 1803.
In memory of
Mary, second daughter of
Isaac and Ann Walton
of Brown Side who
died on the 8. day of April 1???
aged 36 years.

also of the above
Isaac Walton

who died June 5. 184?
aged 71 years.

Also of Ann his wife, who died
January 7th 1866.
Aged 84 years.
Gravestone Charles John Merry

Gravestone Dale
To the memory
of Joseph ??? Dale
of Kirkhaugh who
died March ???
1754, aged 47.

Many thanks to Linda Robertson. She contributed all these interesting pictures.

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