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Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Terrace End Cemetery

Palmerston North, New Zealand, Terrace End Cemetery Palmerston North, New Zealand, Terrace End Cemetery Palmerston North, New Zealand, Terrace End Cemetery
Palmerston North, New Zealand, Terrace End Cemetery Palmerston North, New Zealand, Terrace End Cemetery
Established in 1875, this was the second public cemetery in Palmerston North, the first being on the site of the present day Showgrounds. The cemetery has been administered by the Council since 1902.

Some names

Reverend Edvard Nielsen

Son of Niels Jensen and Iverana Gulbrandsdatter.
Born on 24 Jun 1842 in Rakkestad, Østfold, Norway
Baptised on 24 Jul 1842 in Rakkestad, Østfold, Norway
Died in 1894 and was buried on 12 Jun 1894
in Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North
Harald Nilius Anderson

Son of Nils Anderson and Anne Hansdatter.
Born on 16 MAR 1869 in Oslo, Norway
Died on 4 Apr 1926 in Palmerston North
buried in Terrace End Cemetery.
George Morris

Son of Jonathon Morris and Ann Champneys.
Born on 11 May 1812 in Walworth, Surrey, England
Baptised on 7 Jun 1812 in Southwark, London, England
Died on 21 Jul 1895 in Palmerston North, New Zealand
Husband of Mary Anne Bowman
Mary Anne Bowman

Daughter of William Bowman and Margaret ???.
Born on 23 Mar 1813 in Chatham, Kent, England
Died on 10 Mar 1884 in Palmerston North
Wife of George Morris.
Frederick Joseph Nathan
Frederick's father Joseph Nathan invested in land and by 1867 was one of the biggest landowners in Manawatu. He was also one of the promoters of the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Co. Frederick, along with his brothers, joined his father in business and moved to Palmerston North. The family later became very involved in the dairy industry, owning several butter and cheese factories in the area. The Nathans built the first dried milk processing plant in NZ at Bunnythorpe in 1904 - the product was later marketed as 'Glaxo' baby food. Frederick was Mayor of Palmerston North from 1923-27 and vigorously advocated Palmerston North as the site for the planned NZ Agricultural College - now Massey University.
Lydia Harris Burr
Lydia was one of the first European women to visit Papaioea clearing - which was to become the site of Palmerston North. When she was 17 her family arranged for her to marry Amos Burr, a man 15 years her senior. Amos had lost both arms in a much publicised ship-board accident in Wellington harbour when a cannon misfired during a salute welcoming another ship carrying new settlers. He was fitted with two hooks but suffered a lot of pain for the rest of his life. Lydia and Amos lived on a farm near Foxton and Lydia managed the Adelaide hotel along with the nearby ferry that crossed the Manawatu river. Amos built a boarding house in Palmerston's Main Street, but Lydia refused to uproot the family from Foxton to live in the unpopulated wilds of inland Manawatu. Amos and Lydia lived apart and later separated. In the 1870's Lydia supported their ten children by taking in dressmaking. Although working long hours she was declared bankrupt in 1880. However she managed to work her way out of debt and continued to make clothing and hats in Foxton until 1896. At this time she moved to Palmerston North to take up a position as head of a dressmaking department in a large drapery shop in the Square until her retirement.
John Mowlem

Son of Henry Hibbs Mowlem and Sarah Manwell.
Born on 10 Oct 1840 Swanage, Dorset, England
Baptised on 20 Dec 1840
Died on 25 Jan 1910 Palmerston North, New Zealand
Husband of Agnes Sinclair
Edward McKenna
Colour-Sergeant McKenna was born at Leeds, England, on 15 February 1827, and was 36 years old, and a Colour-Sergeant in the 65th Regiment (later the York and Lancaster Regiment), British Army, during the Waikato-Hauhau Maori War, New Zealand, when the action for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross took place.
He died at Palmerston North, New Zealand, on 8 June 1908, and is buried at the Terrace End Cemetery.

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