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War Memorial - All Saints Church, Hampreston, Dorset, England

1914 - 1918  and  1939 - 1945

Panel WW I All Saints Church Panel WW II
1914 - 1918 Some rights reserved   Owner: John Smitten 1939 - 1945

In affectionate and grateful memory
of parishioners - Naval and Military - who fell
in the great struggle of the nations
in the cause of right against might.

1914 - 1918

Lt. Colonel R. Dawson Kent, D. S. O., 4. Yorks
Captain E. Richard Maunsell, R. Dublin Fusiliers
Captain Norman D. Pringle, 6. East Yorks
Captain Arthur E. Sanders, York and Lancs
Lieut. Travers F. Adamson, Devon
Lieut. Henry J. Roberts, 6. Dorset
2. Lieut. William J. Vincent, 1/5 Dorset
Dunford, B., Corporal, K. R. R. C
Sutherland, C. A., Corporal, A. and S. H.
Hiscock E. J., L. Corporal, 9. Devon
Shearing, E. L. J., L. Corporal, 7. Hants
Weston, A., Petty Offr., H.M.S. Genesta
Hart, E., Stoker 1st Cl., H.M.S. Firebrake
Bradford, H. J., Gunner, R. G. A.
Crawshaw, L., Gunner, R. F. A.
Hallett, W. J., Gunner, R. G. A.
Middleton, H. C., Gunner, R. F. A.
Hinton, F. G., M. Gunner, 6. Dorset
Flippant, A., Sapper, R. E.
Squire, W. H. N., Pioneer, R. E.
Barber, F. H., Private, 6. Dorset
Bartlett, B. E. G., Private, 1. Dorset
Bartlett, E. C., Private, Sgr., 1. Dorset
Beckett, G. H., Private, 4. Hants
Bradford, E. J., Private, 5. Dorset
Britten, G. S., Private, 15. Cheshire
Brown, F. G., Private, 7. Dorset
Coward, B., Private, 3. Dorset
Coward, W., Private, 2. Dorset
Dacombe, P., Private, R. A. S. C.
Hames, H., Private, 6. Dorset
Hart, G., Private, 14. Worcester
Hart, H. G., Private, 5. Wilts
Hinton, H. J., Private, 2. Dorset
Hopper, F. W. W., Private, Oxf and Bucks
King, E., Private, 5. Dorset
King, J., Private, 2. Hants
King, L., Private, 6. Dorset
Lawes, P., Private, 2. Dorset
Longman, V., Private, Oxf and Bucks
Lush, E., Private, 2. Hants
Lush, H., Private, 1. Dorset
Manston, L. F., Private, 8. Canadian
Gale, W., Private, G. G.
Shearing, G., Private, 3. Wilts
Shephard, F. W., Private, 3. Dorset
Vatcher, J., Private, K. R. R. C.
Woolridge, J., Private, K. O. Yorks L. I.
"Waxed valiant in fight."      Hebrews XI. 34.

1939        1945

In grateful memory of those from
this parish who gave their lives for our
defence and for the freedom of mankind
in this World War.
A. Bull, Dorset Home Guard
J. A. Clark, R. A. M. C.
J. L. Collier, R. W. Kent Regt.
C. J. Collins, R. A. S. C.
J. F. Cox, R. N.
A. E. Fuller, R. A. F.
J. D. Galliard, R. A. F.
A. C. Hart, R. Sussex Regt.
N. J. Hart, R. A. F.
J. D. Hunt, R. A. F.
F. H. Jolliffe, R. A. S. C.
J. H. Kitchin, R. T. Regt.
R. C. March, Dorset Regt.
W. H. Miller, R. A.
T. O. Morey, R. A.
R. J. W. Nott, R. Marines
J. B. Ramsay, R. A. F.
A. C. Read, R. Berks Regt.
F. T. Richmond, R. A.
C. A. Robson, R. A. F.
R. J. Shearing, R. H. A.
F. L. Smith, R. N.
L. N. Smith, R. A. F.
L. J. Young, Dorset Regt.
P. G. Kenchington, Hamps Regt.
G. F. Barrett, Dorset Regt.

Greater love hath no man than this

Tracy Coat Dunne has taken the pictures of the memorial panels for Lost Ancestors. Thank you, Tracy.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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