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Roll of Honour - Herringfleet, Suffolk, England

1914 - 1919

St. Margaret's Church

The panels can be found in St. Margaret's church.

Roll of Honour
No victory worth having was ever won without cost
Parish of Herringfleet
Roll of Honour
Names of the men of this parish who served in his majesty's forces.
The Great War 1914 - 1919
Arthur William Anthony, Driver, R. E.
Alfred James Barrett, Pte., Suffolk
Clarence R. R. Bracey, Signalman, R. N.
William Robert Brown, Lce. Cpl., K. O. Y. L. I.
Albert Ernest Brown, Lead. Stoker, R. N.
Alfred John Brown, Pte., Royal Fusiliers
Edward Albert Combe, Major, ???, R. E.
Ronald Edmund Combe, Lieut., R. ???
John H. Crumpton, 2nd Corpl., R. E.
Harry Emmerson, Sergt., R. A. M. C.
Sidney Emmerson, Trooper, Herts. Yeo.
Marcus Barry (Jim) Flaxman, Seaman, R. N.
Ernest Edward Folkard, Driver, R. A. S. C.
James Folkard, Gunner, R. G. A.
Fredk. Mark Folkard, Driver, R. A. S. C.
Francis Folkard, Driver, R. F. A.
Melbourne Folkard, ? Sgt. Maj., R. A. S. C.
Graham F. Holmes, C. Q. M. S., R. E.
R. W. B. Kittle, Pte., 1st Batt. E. Surrey
Herbert de M. Leathes, Major, R. A.
R. H. de M. Leathes, 2nd Lieut., R. F. A.
J. D. de M. Leathes, Lieut., R. N.
W. H. R. de M. Leathes, Lieut., R. A. F.
Harry James Meen, Pte., Remount Service
Percival Charles Meen, Lead. Seaman, R. N.
Benjamin Moates, Pte., Norfolks
Cyril Fredk. Pettingill, Pte., R. Defence C.
James Reynolds, Able Seaman, R. N.
Charles Riches, Driver, R. E.
W. J. Riches, Driver, 1st Batt. Essex
David Ringwood, Petty Officer, R. N.
Ernest J. F. Ringwood, Pte., R. A. M. C.
Robert Saml. Sargent, Able Seaman, R. N.
James Smith, Pte., Suffolks
Albert Smith, Deck Hand, R. N.
Thomas Smith, Able Seaman, R. N.
Sidney Robt. Snowling, Pte., R. W. Kents
C. F. Turner, Pte., 7th Batt. Bedfords
Frederick Ward, Driver, R. F. A.
Henry Ward, Pte., 21st Lancers
Jack C. White, Pte., Norfolks
Jas. Arthur Woolnough, Bombr., R. G. A.

To the glory of God
and in memory of the men of
this parish who fell in the
Great War 1914 - 1918
The fallen R. H. de M. Leathes, 2nd Lieut., R. F. A.
A. E. Brown, L. Str., R. E.
J. Reynolds, A. B., R. N.
B. M. Flaxman, A. B., R. N. R.
J. A. Woolnough, Bdr., R. G. A.
W. R. Brown, LCpl., K. O. Y. L. I.
J. Folkard, Gr., R. G. A.
A. J. Barrett, Pte., 9th Suffolk Rgt.
R. W. B. Kittle, Pte., 1st E. Surrey Rgt.
B. Moates, Pte., 3rd Norfolk Rgt.
W. J. Riches, Pte., 1st Essex Rgt.
C. F. Turner, Pte., 7th Bedford Rgt.

Robert Herbert de Mussenden Leathes To the glorious memory of
2nd Lieut. Robert Herbert de Mussenden Leathes
who was killed in the Great War at the battle of Arras,
France, April 19th 1917, aged eighteen years, the
youngest Officer of the 12th Division, be gallantly
upheld the honour and tradition of his regiment
the Royal Field Artillery.

Let those that come after see to it that his name be not forgotten.

Also of the memory of his only and devoted sister
Dulcibel Maureen Laura de Mussenden Leathes-"Chota
who also died at the age of eighteen years. Born Jan 12th 1902, died Feb 10th 1920.

"Weep not for the dead"

This tablet is placed in ever loving remembrance of their third son and their only
daughter by Major Herbert de Mussenden Leathes and Agnes Isabel, his wife.

St. Margaret's Church
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This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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