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Daniel Buckley
Passengers of the "Celtic" from Liverpool via Queenstown to New York.
The arrival was on 22 December 1888.
Celtic Daniel Buckley, aged 28, spinner
Citizenship: England
Intended destination: USA
Embarkation: Liverpool
No. 1 main deck

Daniel C. Buckley
Passengers of the "Scythia" from Boston/New York via Queenstown to Liverpool.
The arrival in Queenstown was on 29 July 1922.
Scythia Daniel C. Buckley, aged 62, furniture dealer
Citizenship: USA
Intended destination: 33 N. Main Street, Cork
Embarkation: Boston
1st Class

Daniel C. Buckley was accompanied by his wife Mary F. Buckley, aged 45.

Daniel Buckley
Passengers of the "Antonia" from Montreal, Quebec and Quebec, Quebec via Plymouth to London, England.
The arrival was on 28 June 1925.
Daniel Buckley, aged 65, retired
Last Residence: New Zealand
Intended destination: Bank of New Zealand, London
Embarkation: Montreal, Quebec

Daniel Buckley was accompanied by Christina Buckley, aged 45.

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