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John Butterworth
My Grandma's Mother Annie (Anne or Hannah) was Irish and may have been born 1903 /1905. Her father was Michael and he was a farmer. She married in 1939 John Butterworth in Coalville Leicestershire.
Daughter Hanora was born to her and Joseph Enright in Newcastle West Limerick in 1925 and baptised in Athea. Annie, we think, was in her 30's when she married John. She listed herself as a spinster on her marriage certificate.

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John Butterworth
John Butterworth married Annie Roche at Ashby de la Zouch during the third quarter of 1939.
The records are held at Coalville now.
His death was registered in Coalville, Leicestershire during the second quarter of 1950. Estimated year of birth: 1881.

Hannie Roche
Birth: 18 March 1925 in Knockulcare, Mountcollins, Limerick, Ireland
Death: 08 February 1979
Father: Michael Roche
Mother: Annie Myles

Two children of another Butterworth family can be found:
Samuel Butterworth, baptised in the Church of Saint Mary de Castro, Leicester, Leicester, England on 08 January 1808, born on 31 December 1807. Parents were John and Hannah Butterworth.
William Butterworth, baptised in the Wesleyan Church, Bishop Street, Leicester, Leicester, England on 26 October 1824, born on 04 October 1824. Parents were John and Hannah Butterworth.

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