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A Croft Family
St. John's Church, Piddinghoe, East Sussex, England
Memorial-Panel Croft Family

Elizabeth Croft. In loving remembrance of her husband Hugh Croft, born January 19th, 1808, died September 27th, 1866. Of her son Gilmore Winton Croft, born February 22nd, 1840, died October 23rd, 1869, and of Edith Gilmoer Croft, only child of Gilmore Winton and Elizabeth Croft, born July 19th, 1868, died October 18th, 1868, gives in trust the sum of £350 consolidated stock for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Piddinghoe, to be distributed in the following manner:

The interest arising from £150 of the said stock, to be known as "Hugh Croft's Gifts", to be given on the 19th of January each year in coals, clothes or money in such proportions as the incumbent shall think fit to the heads of famiies and widows. Such persons being regular attendants and communicants at the parish church and keeping their homes in an orderly cleanly condition.

The interst arising from £100 of the said stock, to be known as "Gilmore Croft's Rewards", to be given in money on the 22nd of February in each year in equal portions to three single men or any less number and three single women or any less number of virtuous report between the ages of 17 and 30 years. Being Sons and daughters of residents in the said parish who shall produce to the incumbent the most satisfactory characters from their employers.

The interst arising from £100 of the said stock, to be known as "Little Edith's Treat", to be expended on the 19th of July in each year in a treat to the children of the National School of the said parish and in rewards more especially to the girls who are skilled in plain needlework and to the boys and girls who are neat in their dress cleanly in their habits and regular in attendance at church and school.

They rest in Lamberhurst.

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