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George William Eastwood
A Middlesbrough "Scandal"

An unemployed man, George William Eastwood, aged 45, of Hatherley-st., who was charged at Middlesbrough yesterday with drunkness, assault, and having refused to quit the Vine Hotel, was commited to goal for a month.
He was told that it was a scandal that he should have got drunk on taxpayers' money. He had 22 previous convictions against him.

(Published in the "Northern Echo" on December 7, 1921)
England Census 1911 about George William Eastwood and family

Residence: 40 Nelson Street, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England
Name Relation Marital
Age Birth Place of Birth
Mary Eastwood
John Robert Eastwood
George William Eastwood
abt. 1853
abt. 1873
abt. 1876
Leeds, Yorkshire
Leeds, Yorkshire
Leeds, Yorkshire


George Willie Eastwood was baptised in the church of the Holy Trinity in Armley Hall, Yorkshire, England on 25 December 1878. His parents were Paul and Mary Eastwood. His death was registered in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England during the first quarter of 1929.

West Yorkshire Prison Register
George Eastwood, born abt. 1876 in Leeds, Yorkshire
HMP Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England on 29 June 1910.
Judgement: Imprisonment or servitude.

London Register of habitual criminals
George Eastwood aliases George Clark and George Moran, born abt. 1876 in Leeds, Yorkshire
05 October 1910, three years for counting housebreaking. Prison: Camp Hill.

Clint Eastwood
born on 31 May 1930 in San Francisco, California, USA.

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