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A Jenner Family     was made available by Arthur Russ

Frederick Thomas Jenner
Frederick Thomas and Lillian Maud Jenner Frederick, the son of Thomas Jenner and Eliza "Kate" Mabbs, was born on 13th October 1877 at Tidebrook, Wadhurst, Sussex and later moved to Mayfield, Kent. He started his adult life as a Salvation Army Officer, but as he was not earning enough money became a Miner.
He married Lillian Maud England on 01 January 1901 and they lived at Stapleton Road, Bristol, where their first child, Florence Evelyn Jenner was born. They later moved to Abertillary and Crumlin, Wales, where (before the first world war) they had a further five children.
After the 1st world war ended they moved back to Bristol, where he became a Painter and Decorator, and where they had another two children.
The parents of Lillian Maud England are William George England and Sarah Jane.
William Frederick died in 1954 and Lillian Maud in 1958.

The children of William Frederick and Lillian Maud Jenner are:
Florence Eveline Jenner (1901-1994)
Lillian Maud Jenner (1903 - 1939)
Russell Frederick Jenner (1904-1947)
Grace Dorothy Jenner (born 1907)
William Thomas Jenner (born 1908)
Edith Louisa Jenner (1911 - 1987)
Arthur Jenner (born 1920)
Kenneth Jenner (1924 - 1944)

Marriage certificate Frederick Thomas and Lillian Maud Jenner Frederick Jenner of 57 Richmond Road in the City & County of Bristol, son of Thomas Jenner of Wadhurst in the County of Sussex, and of Kate Mabbs his wife and Lillian Maud England daughter of William England of 57 Richmond Road in the City and County of Bristol, and of Sarah Jane his wife having duly made known their intention of taking each other in Marriage and public notice of their said intention having been given the Proceedings of the said Frederick Jenner and Lillian Maud England were allowed by the proper officers of Bristol and Frenchay, Monthly Meeting of the religious Society of Friends. Non these are to certificate that for the solemnization of their said Marriage this the First day of the First Month in the Year One thousand nine hundred and one they the said Frederick Jenner and Lillian Maud England appeared at a public Meeting for Worship of the aforesaid Society in their Meeting House at Horfield, Bristol
And the said Frederick Jenner taking the said Lillian Maud England by the hand declared as followeth: Friends, I take this my Friend Lillian Maud England to be my wife promising through Divine assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until it shall please the Lord by death to separate us.
And the said Lillian Maud England did then and there in the said assembly declares as followeth: Friends, I take this my Friend Frederick Jenner to be my husband promising through Divine assistance to be unto him a loving and faithful wife until it shall please the Lord by death to separate us.
And the said Frederick Jenner and Lillian Maud England as a further confirmation thereof and in testamony thereunto, did then and there to these Presents set their hands.

The text is followed by signatures of the couple and the witnesses.

The HavenThe Haven in Middle Road, Staple Hill, Bristol was the
Jenner family domicile for a lot of years.
Wedding of Russel Frederick Jenner to Ivy May PoolWedding at the Haven in winter 1927:
Russel Frederick Jenner to Ivy May Pool
Top row, left to right:
Grace Dorothy Jenner, Lily Stubbs, Isabella England, unknown, Carrie Parks, William Thomas Jenner, bride and groom, Frederick C. England, unknown, Mr Orchard, Ivy Pool's grandmother, unknown . . .
Bottom row, left to right:
Ivy Pool's sister, unknown, Frederick Thomas Jenner (Eva's father), with Kenneth Jenner on knee, Lillian Maud England (Eva's mother), Arthur Jenner.
Right of bride and groom, bottom row:
Relation of Ivy Pool, William England, Mr Pool, a lad (relation of Ivy Pool), unknown, Florence Eveline Jenner (as bride's maid) . . .
Eva is Florence Eveline Jenner (1901 - 1994), oldest sister of the Groom.
Additional information:
Grace Dorothy Jenner (born 1907) is Russell's sister.
Isabella is the wife of Frederick C. England.
Frederick C. England (born 1876) is the brother of Lillian Maud (England) Jenner (1879-1958).
Lillian Maud England married Frederick Thomas Jenner (1877 - 1954) on 1 Jan 1901.
William Thomas Jenner (born 1908), Arthur Jenner (born 1920) and Kenneth Jenner (1924-1944) are the Groom's brothers.
Eva is Florence Eveline Jenner (1901-1994), oldest sister of the Groom.

Wedding of Florence Eveline Jenner to Edward William Burgess BaglinWedding at the Haven in 1931:
Florence Eveline "Eva" Jenner to Edward William Burgess Baglin
Top row, left to right:
Cliff Taylor, Russell Frederick Jenner, William Thomas Jenner, and his wife Ivy Sheppard, Isabella England (wife of Frederick C. England), Albert Rendall (Carrie's husband), Carrie Parks, Audrey Legg, Miss Wallington, Norman Davies.
Bottom row, left to right:
Mayor and Mrs Taylor, Lily Stubbs, Charles Water Pratt, and his wife Gertrude Rosa Burgess (Edward Baglin's mother), baby on floor Gladies Davies, bride and groom, Kenneth Jenner, Frederick Thomas Jenner, Lillian Maud England, Edith Louisa Jenner (bride's maid), Frederick C. England, Russell Jenner.
Additional information:
Kenneth Jenner (1924-1944) is the youngest brother of Florence Eveline Jenner (1901 - 1994).
Cliff Taylor later married Grace Dorothy Jenner (born 1907). Grace was a younger sister of Florence Jenner.
Russell Frederick Jenner (1904-1947) and William Thomas Jenner (born 1908) were brothers of Florence Jenner.
Husband of Isabella, Frederick C. England (born 1876) was Lillian Maud (England) Jenner's brother.
Lillian Maud Jenner being the mother of Florence Eveline Jenner.
Frederick Thomas Jenner (1877-1954) is father of the bride, Edith Louisa Jenner (1911-1987) is the bride's sister.

Wedding of Florence Eveline Jenner to Edward William Burgess BaglinCarrie Parks Salvation Army wedding in 1933:
Eva's dad bottom rigt; Edith Jenner (Eva's sister) 2nd row up 8th from right; Eva's mother 3rd from right; Arthur and Kenneth Jenner (Eva's brothers) in front of their mother, Arthur to the right, Kenneth to the left; the bride (Carrie) bottom row with sash, her husband on left of her.
Additional information:
The Carrie Parks Salvation Army wedding photo was taken opposite 2 Seymour Road, Staple Hill. The Salvation Army Hall is on Staple Hill, High Street opposite Seymour Road.
Carrie, who died in February 1993, was one of the many `waifs and strays´ brought up by Lillian Maud (Formally England) Jenner (1879-1958). Carrie was brought up by the Jenner family from her mid-teens until she got married to a Mr Parks in 1933. She was a close friend of my grandmother (Florence Evaline Jenner 1901-1994; aka Eva), they were like sisters and Carrie use to read my grandmother's love letters.
My grandmother born 1901 was the oldest of eight children, Arthur Jenner (born 1920) and Kenneth (born 1924) being the youngest. When they were children their mother (Lillian Maud Jenner) was always involved in social work in the local community and used to take in waif and strays. She would say "Well that saved them from going to prison". The children, being use to this, didn't take much notice except Arthur who said that as the rest of his family were years older than him, except his brother Ken (Kenneth), that when all these waifs and strays kept coming and going he felt, being so much younger than everyone else, that he couldn't be part of the family and thought that he must be one of the waifs and strays.

Kenneth "Ken" Jenner
Kenneth JennerKenneth JennerKenneth (aka Ken) (born 25 Feb 1924, died 26 Oct 1944) was close to my mother (his niece, born April 1933) and when he visited her family home the two of them would play games together in the living room using the sofa as an imaginary boat.
I also have his discharge papers. He was discharged from the Royal Marines on the 26th November 1943 on the grounds that he was "Physically unfit for Royal Marine Service". His sister (my grandmother) and his niece (my mother) both told me that he was hit in the shoulder by a sniper while on active duty. He was then sent back to England to recover in hospital where he contracted TB and a year late, on 26th October 1944, died of TB. Ken's name is on the war memorial in Page Park , Staple Hill, Bristol.

War memorial Staple HillQuite an old photo where my son (cub far left of photo - the shortest of the two cubs standing in front of the war memorial) is honouring his great-great uncle (Kenneth Jenner) who is named on one of the plaques on the memorial.

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