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Kay / Kaye

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A Kay Family (You need "farside")

01.   Kay, John  born 1834      09.   Kay, Clara Ann  born 1873
02.  Kay, Selina B.  born 1858    10.   Kay, Walter Sandford  born 1875
03.  Kay, Alice Ann  born 1861    11.  Kay, James Arthur Bradley  born 1880
04.  Kay, Margaret Jane  born 1863    12.  Kay, Charlotte  
05.  Kay, Mary Ellen  born 1865    13.  Kay, Garry  
06.  Kay, Alfred  born 1868    14.  Kay, Jessica  
07.  Kay, Mary Eliz  born 1870    15.  Kay, Sophie  
08.  Kay, Edwin  born 1871        

Submitter: pompy9642

Mary C. Kay
Mary C. Kay, Mowbray, Cape Colony (South Africa), was a guild member from vintage publication in 1905.

Agnes Kaye
Agnes Kaye won prizes in vintage publications in 1907.

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