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St Petri Cemetery, Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany

Brunswick, St Petri Cemetery, Germany Brunswick, St Petri Cemetery, Germany

The St Petri Cemetery belongs to the oldest still existing cemeteries of the city of Brunswick. It was laid out in 1757 in an area what was located outside of the city. The parish of St Petri sold that area in 1638. The cemetery was extended several times and got the plane tree way after 1856. The St Petri Cemetery was closed after the inauguration of the Central Cemetery in 1887.
The city of Brunswick rented the area of the cemetery in 1977. The in the meantime ran wild cemetery was redeveloped on base of its historical structure between 1998 and 2001.

Brunswick, St Petri Cemetery, Germany Brunswick, St Petri Cemetery, Germany

Following well-known inhabitants of Brunswick are buried here:

Wilhelm Bracke (1842 - 1880)      Politician, co-founder of the social-democratic workers party
Hermann Günther (1811 - 1886)      Founder of a private school, Wilhelm-Raabe School (grammar school) today.
Gottfried Friedrich Tunica (1795 - 1856)      School inspector
Konrad Koch (1810 - 1884)      Teacher at the grama school "Martino-Katharineum".
Johann Heinrich Degener (1736 - 1812)      Merchant
Catharina Henriette Degener (1734 - 1795)
Friedrich Ludwig Rudolph Salomon (1782 - 1837)      Trustee at St Petri

Wilhelm Bracke, 1842 - 1880, and his wife Emilie

Wilhelm Bracke Wilhelm Bracke
Wilhelm Bracke Wilhelm Bracke
born on 29th May 1842
died on 27th April 1880

Emilie Bracke
nee Walter

born on 25th January 1848
died on 31st March 1920

Natalie Brunner, 1844 - 1871

Natalie Brunner Natalie Brunner
Mrs. Dr.
Natalie Brunner,
nee Günther

born 28th July 1844, died 27th May 1871

Wilhelm Busse, 1878 - 1900, and Heinrich Busse, 1846 - 1885

Wilhelm and Heinrich Busse Wilhelm Busse Heinrich Busse

born 1st March
died 12th Aug

born 4th March
died 16th March

Albert Damköhler, 1842 - 1883

Albert Damkoehler Albert Damköhler
born on
9 Novbr 1842
died on
5 Febr 1883

Anna Grünhage, 1852 - 1881

Albert Damkoehler Anna Grünhage,
nee Flohr

born on
14 May 1852
died on
30 June 1881

Friedrich Freist, 1808 - 1884,
and Helene Freist, 1836 - 1902

Friedrich and Helene Freist
Friedrich Freist Helene Freist
Friedrich Freist
born on 29th Aug 1808
died on 22nd March 1884

Christ is my life
to die is my gain
Mrs. Superintendent
Helene Freist
nee Schulz
born on 3rd Novbr 1836
died on 30th May

The love won't never stop!

Hermann Günther, 1811 - 1886, his wife Louise and children

Hermann Guenther Hermann Guenther
Hermann Guenther Here rest

Dr. phil. Hermann

born 10th Nov 1811
died 4th May 1886
Founder of the Günther Institute

with his first wife
Louise, nee Gelpke

and his children
Emilie and Hermann

Konrad Koch, 1810 - 1884

Konrad Koch Professor
Konrad Koch

born 14th May 1810
died 15th Jan 1884

Konrad Koch's son, also named Konrad, was teacher at the "Martino-Katharineum" gramar school as his father was. He introduced football (soccer) in Germany and created the first set of rules for this sport. The first football match in Germany took place in Brunswick in 1874. Konrad Koch jr. lived between 1846 and 1911.

Wilhelm Meine, 1827 - 1890

Wilhelm Meine Wilhelm Meine

born 25th Decbr 1827
died 19th Aug 1890

Friedrich Ludwig Rudolf Salomon, 1782 - 1837,
Friedrich Christian Theodor Salomon, 1818 - 18??

A Salomon Family A Salomon FamilyA Salomon Family
Friedr. Ludw. Rud.
Trustee at St Petri
1st Sept. 1782
13th Febr 1837
The son
Friedr. Christ. Theod.
born on 3rd Febr 1818
died on ? March 18??

Heinriette Conradine Simon, 1798 - 1866

Heinriette Conradine Simon Here rest in God
our good mother
Heinriette Conradine Simon
nee Henken

born on 21st Jan 1798
at Bremen
died on 8th Oct 1866

Wilhelm Riehn, 1814 - 1890
Johann Friedrich David Voß, 1810 - 1893

Heinriette Conradine Simon Wilhelm

born on 17th June
died on 21st Febr

born on 30st May
died on 22nd April

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