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St Cuthbert, Milburn, Cumbria, UK

The nave and chancel of St Cuthbert church are Norman while the south aisle is 14th century. 17th century panelling decorates the area behind the altar.
St Cuthbert, Milburn, Cumbria, UK St Cuthbert, Milburn, Cumbria, UK
St Cuthbert, Milburn, Cumbria, UK
St Cuthbert's Church lies in an isolated position about 0.5 km across fields to the south west of the village. Pevsner considers the sandstone masonry of the chancel to be Norman. It is claimed that the body of St Cuthbert rested here in 876, as at other churches with this dedication, when monks from Lindisfarne fleeing the Viking invaders toured the county bearing the holy relics of their saint with them.
The church was extensively restored in 1894 but still retains its unpretentious character. It consists of a nave, chancel and south aisle, part of which is now the porch and vestry. There is a small bellcot. The south door is late Norman and a number of decorated stones of Norman date are set into the exterior of the south wall.

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Cuthbert
To the memory of Thomas
who died September the
22 1798. Aged 46 years.

And of Elizabeth his wife
who died September 18
1817. Aged 63.

Eternity     life how short     how long

In memory of

Margaret, wife of Thomas Winskell
of Milburn, who died June 17th 1857
aged 42 years.

also of Margaret,their daughter,
who died at Low-Moor Lowther
April 30th 1864. Aged 28 years.

Also of the above Thomas Winskell
who died April 26th 1871.
Aged 84 years.

Also of Elizabeth Bellasis, their daughter,
who died at Fern Bank, Penrith, Oct 5th 1888.
Aged 67 years.
A grave stone on the cemetery of St Thomas

In loving memory of

Isaac Tallontire
formerly of Milburn
who died at Anchor Cottage, Penrith,
April 21st, 1904, aged 71 years.

Also of Ruth, his wife,
who died Nov 21st, 1887, aged 54 years.
Interred at Skirwith.

Also of Annie, their daughter,
who died at Milburn
March 18th, 1874, aged 13 weeks.

Also of Isaac Tallontire,
father of the above Isaac Tallontire,
who died at Milburn
April 20th, 1858, aged 55 years.

Also of Ann, his wife,
who died at Milburn
June 2nd, 1877, aged 75 years.
A grave stone in the cemetery of St Cuthbert

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Cuthbert
In memory of

John Brunskill of Grange Hall
in this parish who died March 5, 1855.
Aged 56 years.

Thomas, his son, who died Nov 15, 1840.
Aged 5 years.

John, his son, who died May 16, 1868.
Aged 56 years.

Nannie, wife of the above
John Brunskill, who died
June X9th, 1871.
Aged 74 years.

George, there grandson, who died
Jan 24, 1876.
Aged 9 months.

Mary Hutchinson, their daughter
who died at Keisley Feb 25, 1877.
Aged 55 years.

Betty, their daughter, who died at
Penrith Dec 31, 1914.
Aged 88 years.

All pictures are contributed by Linda Robertson. Thank you, Linda.

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