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St Lawrence, Morland, Cumbria, UK

St Lawrence, Morland, Cumbria, UK
St Lawrence's Church has the only Anglo-Saxon Tower in Cumbria; although the top storey was added in the 17th century, the rest retains many original features. The tower contains a 17th century bell-chamber housing three bells, dated 1696, 1727 and 1764.
Although nothing is known of the original building that went with the tower, the present 12th century nave and 12th and 13th century chancel and transepts are well documented. The chancel was largely rebuilt in the 16th century, but some original features were retained.
The interior was restored in the 1896, with the woodwork being influenced by the 'Arts and Crafts' movement. Luckily some of the earlier woodwork was kept, including two mediaeval screens, a 17th century communion rail and font cover (1662 stone font), and and early 18th century pulpit.
St Lawrence's Church is a Grade I listed building. It is one of the ecclesiastical buildings listed as 'especially worthy of preservation' in the inventory of the Historical Monuments of Westmorland, prepared and published by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments England in 1936.
Even with all these changes, the interior is light and spacious, but gives an intimate feeling, the stonework reflecting the mixture of pink sandstone and white limestone found locally.

St Lawrence, Morland, Cumbria, UK St Lawrence, Morland, Cumbria, UKChurch and religion must
not be a serious matter.

Some gravestones in the St Lawrence cemetery:

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Lawrence To the memory of
Ralph Bird
of Sockenber, son of
Christopher Bird
of Birdby
who died December 6 1859
aged 46 years.

his wife who died
February 4 1868
aged 83 years.

their daughter
who died Jan 3 1832
aged 13 years

their daughter
who died ??? ??? 1836
aged 10 years

their daughter
who died November ?? 1877
aged ?? years

In loving memory of

Thomas Bird
late of Yan Wath Hall
who died at Milestone Horse
February 19th 1910
aged 86 years

also of
Betsy,his wife,
who died March 17th 1907,
aged 81 years.
A grave stone on the cemetery of St Lawrence

Sacred to the memory

wife of
Thomas Camplin, Newby,
and daughter of the late
Jonathan Robinson, Cliburn,
who disparted this life,
July 6th, 1844,
aged 52 years.
A grave stone in the cemetery of St Lawrence

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Lawrence
In affectionate
remembrance of

George Dent
of Newby Head, Newby
who died October 6th 1900,
aged 75 years.

also of Ruth, his wife
who died July 13th 1900
aged 69 years.

also Mary Jane, their daughter
died November 3rd 1877
aged 5 years and 4 months.

In memory of

wife of Jonathan Sill,
who died at Morland July 8th 1878,
aged 52 years.

Also of the above
Jonathan Sill
who died at Cliburn, August 3rd 1908,
aged 85 years.

also John, their son, who died
May 16th, 1887, aged 35 years.

also Jonathan, their son, who died
January 13th, 1888, aged 30 years.
A grave stone in the cemetery of St Lawrence

A grave stone in the cemetery of St Lawrence
In loving memory of

Christopher Stephenson
of Bolton
died March 19th 1917,
aged 66 years.

also of Mary Eleanor,
his wife, died August 6th 1917
aged 54 years.

also of Annie, their daughter
died June 24th 1917
aged 27 years

also of John, their son,
who was killed in France,
June 15th 1916, aged 22 years.

also of Alice Elizabeth,
their daughter
died May 20th 1889
aged 9 month.

In memory of

John Strong, who died
June 13th 1862,
aged 92 years.

Also of Mary Strong,
his wife, who departed this
life ??? 1867, aged
?? years.
A grave stone in the cemetery of St Lawrence

All pictures are contributed by Linda Robertson. Thank you, Linda

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