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War Memorial - Warragul, Victoria, Australia

1914 - 1918,  1939 - 1945
Korea,  Vietnam,  Malaysia

1914-1918 War Memorial - Warragul, Victoria, Australia 1939-1945

Korea, Vietnam Malaysia

Inscription Erected
by the citizens of
Warragul and district
to perpetuate and keep
green the memory of her
heroes who gave up
their lives in the
Great War 1914 - 1919
in assisting to save
from the steel hand of
foreign military

Names WW I
Killed in Action

Affleck, D. C.
Anderson, L.
Arnold, F. B.
Arnold, W. L.
Brown, A. M.
Christie, W. J.
Clark, R. G.
Dawson, A. N.
Decker, A.
Devereaux, J.
Ellis, J.
Ferrier, Ivo
Grove, T. L.
Hadlow, E. C.
Haines, A. G.
Hastings, S. M.
Hawken, A. F.
Hinkley, T.
Keating, W.
Kent, E. W.
Lamport, R. H.
Lilley, E. H.
Lockhart, J. A.
Manning, C. H.
Names WW I
Killed in Action

Meeking, C. F.
Meredith, A. C.
Mills, H. G.
Mills, H. J.
Mitchell, W. T.
McCulloch, C.
McDonald, A. T.
McDonald L. A. K.
O'Laughlin, P. J.
Palmer, R. W.
Payne, F.
Pederson, G.
Pleasance, A. E.
Purbrick, R. B.
Raeburn, T. W.
Reidy, M. S.
Rintel, H. L.
Rogers, L. P. B.
Rolfe, E. M.
Tatterson, A.
Unwin, T. H.
Wallace, T.
Walker, A. C.
Wright, G. W.
Names WW I
Died of Illness

Ashcroft, W.
Bennett, R. J. D.
Fairweather, W. C.
Gardner, G. M.
Hardie, J. S.
Marshall, John
Polkinghorne, S.
Wright, A. J.

Died of Wounds

Goodwill, Albert
Ross, A.

Died after Returning

Keating, J. T.
Murie, R.
Shields, R. C.
Smith, G. W.

Korean War
Killed in Action

Jephson, H. M.

Inscription WW II To perpetuate the memory of
the heroes of this district
who gave their lives in the
Second World War 1939 - 1945.
The residents of the Shire of Warragul
in 1955 recorded their names on this stone
and added the two flag poles
and entrance to the memorial.

Names WW II Appleton, C. W.
Ascott, J. A.
Baldwin, J. E.
Bray, H.
Burleigh, A. W.
Chenu, J. C.
Clarke, H.
Davidson, G. L. H.
Devine, S.
Ferguson, S. J.
Franois, C. F.
Fry, C.
Gapes, L. C.
Granger, K. R.
Hallett, P. T. L.
Hallett, W. L. V.
Names WW II Smith, E. S.
Solomon, J.
Sutton, S. F.
Tarrant, J. B.
Trigg, R. T.
Vahland, C. B.
Warne, V. H.
Warren, H. G.
Watt, R. J.
Wembridge, W. L.
Westerman, R. S.
Williams, T. J.
Woods, G. E.
Woods, J. W.
Woods, M. P.

Remembrance 1995 Australia Remembers
1945 - 1995

In honour of
the men & women who served
Australia in time of conflict
during World War II

Lest we forget

Also this memorial is introduced to us by Allie Ford. Thank you, Allie.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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