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United Kingdom and the world

War Memorial - Wem, Shropshire, England

1914 - 1918  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial WW I and WW II To the glory
of God
in memory of
the fallen in
the Great Wars
1914 - 1918
1939 - 1945

1914 - 1918

Names WW I Major M. A. Black
Sergt. H. J. Bromley
Sergt. C. G. Hinton
Sergt. P. E. K. Lloyd
Sergt. W. H. Millman
Sergt. F. C. Page
Sergt. G. Smith
Corpl. F. C. Pye
Names WW I Corpl. H. Stinchcombe
Corpl. O. E. Whitney
Corpl. T. R. Williams
Bombdr. A. Jones
L. Corpl. I. Jones
L. Corpl. J. C. Jones
L. Corpl. R. H. Wycherley
Gunner J. A. Lewis
Names WW I Driver J. E. Parry
Driver G. V. Phillips
Driver E. J. Webb
Rifleman H. S. Edwards
Rifleman J. A. Morris
Private W. Austin
Private R. H. Butter
Private A. Cartwright
Names WW I Private E. Cartwright
Private W. Davies
Private J. H. Davoll
Private W. Evans
Private J. Garmston
Private R. Gilbert
Private G. A. Griffiths
Private T. Groom
Names WW I Private J. W. Higgins
Private S. Huxley
Private E. J. Jarman
Private E. Jennings
Private P. Jones
Private W. E. Jones
Private F. J. Kynaston
Private H. Lewis
Names WW I Private H. C. Lloyd
Private C. Matthews
Private F. Matthews
Private W. G. Matthews
Private T. Morris
Private G. Permberton
Private J. Phillips
Private W. Povey
Names WW I Private E. W. Purslow
Private F. T. Ralphs
Private W. Rogerson
Private J. C. Ryder
Private P. Simmons
Private F. Williams
Private J. Wright
Private F. C. Wycherley

1939 - 1945

Names WW II
C. S. M.
F. Engineer
B. S. M.
B. T. Baker
G. W. Higginson
T. W. Rodenhurst
C. P. Simpson
W. Tomlinson
Names WW II
F. Lieut.
F. Simister
R. C. Williams
A. E. Chidlow
C. D. Swain
Names WW II
L. Cpl.
T. Ashley
W. A. Forster
R. O. Williams
Names WW II
L. A. C.
A. Bedford
J. R. Bromley
F. C. Clorley
V. E. Dawes
Gds. Man
Gds. Man
C. W. Evans
J. P. Kelly
J. Kynaston
P. Pemberton

Inscription When you go home
tell them of us and say
for your tomorrow
we gave our today

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