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Emily Ann Bradbury

Memorial Card - Emily Ann Bradbury In Loving Memory

Emily Ann Bradbury,

who entered into rest 10th January, 1949
aged 85 years.

Lambeth Cemetery.
Grave No. 228, A.2, General.

Memorial Card - Emily Ann Bradbury Father, in thy gracious keeping,
leave we now thy servant sleeping.

Fredk. W. Paine, Undertaker, Kingston-on-Thames.

George Woodall Branch

Memory Card - George W. Branch In Loving Memory of

Corporal George Woodall Branch, R. F. A.

Dearly beloved and eldest son of
George and Barbara Branch,
Ash Cottage, Lealholm
Who died at the Military Hospital, Ripon
July 27th, 1918
Aged 26 Years

Interred at Lealholm Churchyard, July 31st, 1918
Memory Card - George W. Branch "The Lord hath great need of him"
"His crown well won"

Deeply mourned

George Woodall Branch
Birth in October 1891 in Guisborough, Yorkshire, England.
Parents: George Branch and Hannah Barbara Jimmison

John and Emma Bray

Memory Card - John Bray In Loving Memory

John Bray,

of Kempthorne, Clawton.
Born October 30th, 1857.
Died December 4th, 1912.
Interred in Clawton Churchyard on Saturday, December 7th,
leaving the house at 2 p.m.
Memory Card - Emma Jane Bray In Loving Memory

Emma Jane Bray,

beloved wife of John Bray, of Kempthorne, Clawton.
Born January 20th, 1856.
Died October 21st, 1912.
Interred in Clawton Churchyard on Friday, October 25th,
leaving the house at 2 p.m.
Memory Card - John and Emma Jane Bray "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadows
of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art me; thy rod
and thy staff they comfort me."

Psalm XXIII., 4.


Jane Bridge

Memory Card - Jane Bridge In loving Memory of


beloved wife of Benjamin Bridge
of Newhall,
who died December 22nd, 1892,
aged 82 years.

Interred at the Methodist Free Church, Newhall, Dec. 25th.
Memory Card - Jane Bridge "None but Christ to me be given,
None but Christ in earth and heaven."

"The memory 0f the just is blessed."

Ellen Broadbent

Memory Card - Ellen Broadbent In affectionate Remembrance of


beloved wife of Adam Thos. Broadbent
of Pershall,
who died April 9th,
aged 33 years.

and was interred at Eccleshall Church, April 12th, 1889.
Memory Card - Ellen Broadbent "With Christ, which is far better."

David Brown

Memory Card - David Brown In Loving Memory of


the beloved husband of Lavinia Brown
of Cornsay Colliery.
who died on Monday, July 23rd, 1900,
aged 55 years.

Interred at Quebec at 3.30 on the 26th inst.
Memory Card - David Brown Sleep on dear Father thy toil is o'er,
Thy willing hand shall toil no more.
Life was desired, but God did see
Eternal rest was best for thee.

Ann Bruce

Memory Card - Ann Bruce In affectionate remembrance of


the beloved wife of William Bruce
who departed this life on September 16th, 1914,
aged 38 years.

Interred at Bedlington Cemetery.
Memory Card - Ann Bruce Afflictions sore, long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain;
Till God did please to give me ease,
And free'd me from my pain.

1911 England Census
26 First Street, Netherton, Meddston, Northumberland
Name Relation Marital status Age Occupation Place of Birth
William Bruce Head Married 36 Miner Earsdon
Annie Bruce Wife Married 35 House Keeper Hetton le Hole
John Wm. Bruce Son Single 13 School Hetton le Hole
Rhoda Bruce Daughter Single 11 School Hetton le Hole
Elizabeth Jane Bruce Daughter Single 9 School Blyth


William Thomas Brunning

Memory Card - William Thomas Brunning In Loving Memory

William Thomas Brunning,

who died on the 25th August, 1921,
aged 77 years.

Interred at Abney Park Cemetery,
in private grave no. R/N 26132.

Jane Bryning

Memory Card - Jane Bryning In Loving Memory of


the beloved wife of William Bryning, of Pilling,
who departed this life January 13th, 1890,
aged 66 years.

and was interred at St. John's Church, Pilling, on
the 15th.
Memory Card - Jane Bryning This world is all in vain,
    I nothing in it crave,
I've laboured through ten thousand cares,
    For nothing but the grave.

Name Birth Father Mother Marriage Death
Jane Hey abt. 1824 William Hey Mary 18 Mar 1874
13 Jan 1890
William Bryning abt. 1815 Richard Bryning 4th Quart. 1891

1881 England Census
?nosshouse, Pilling, Garstang, Lancashire
Name Relation Marital status Age Occupation Place of Birth
John Hey Head Unmarried 66 Farmer Pilling
Jane Bryning Sister Married 57 House Keeper Pilling
William Bryning Brother in Law Married 66 AG Labourer Thornton


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