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The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices of the year 1909

12th February 1909:
Dora, daughter of John Garvin, Blackhill, 12 months
24th February 1909:
Thomas Gardener, Stanley, 76 years
25th March 1909:
George A. Garraway, Greencroft, 45 years
11th August 1909:
Charles Gales, Kyo, 65 years
15th August 1909:
Thomas Gair, Burnhope, 77 years

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
West Stanley Colliery Disaster, Townley Seam, 16 Feb 1909

Frank Gallaghy, 25 years

West Stanley Colliery Disaster, Tilley Seam, 16 Feb 1909

James Gardener, Stanley, 14 years

The Northern Echo, 11 December 1930
In Memoriam

Garside - In loving memory of Walter Garside, who died December 11th, 1929. Remembered by his loving daughter Annie.

The Times, September 04, 1944


On Aug. 30, 1944, at the Nantyffyllan Emergency Hospital, South Wales, Edward Garnes, of 1, The Downsway, Sutton, aged 93 years, Funeral, West Norwood, tomorrow (Wednesday), 12 o'clock.

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