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Ja  Je  Ji  Jo 

Jackson, James

To the newspapers

John Jackson

Memorial Card - John Jackson In affectionate remembrance

John Jackson

who died February 2nd, 1880,
aged 57 years.

Interred at Belle Vue Cemetery, Wakefield, Feb. 5th.

Afflictions sore long time I bore,
    Physicians were in vain;
But death gave ease when God did please,
    And freed me from my pain.

Margaret James

Memorial Card - Margaret James In Loving Memory of


dearly beloved wife of George James,
who died April 21st, 1908,
aged 62 years.

Interred at Ovingham.
Memorial Card - Margaret James She suffered much, she murmured not,
We watched her day by day,
Grow less and less with aching hearts,
Until she passed away.

A loving wife true and kind,
She proved to be in heart and mind;
A tender parent, too, as well,
When she on earth with us did well.

Ja  Je  Ji  Jo 

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