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David Gilford Armstrong
Ponteland, Northumberland, England

David Gilford ArmstrongIn loving memory of
Professor David Armstrong
1926 - 2000
David Gilford Armstrong

David Gilford Armstrong and his twin brother Robert Horsley were born in Whitley Bay, Northumberland on 09 July 1926. Their parents were Arthur and Beatrice Mary Armstrong, nee Walton. David Armstrong was married and died on 08 February 2000.
He was Professor of Agriculture, Biochemistry and Nutrition.

Eddie Armstrong
Durham Dales Centre, Stanhope, Co. Durham, England

Eddie ArmstrongIn memory of
Eddie Armstrong, Caretaker
loved by all and sadly missed
Donated by friends and colleagues

Marilyn Armstrong
Keld, North Yorkshire, England

Marilyn ArmstrongIn loving memory of
Marilyn Armstrong
12th May 1946 - 3rd April 2010
Grave of Marilyn Armstrong

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