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Jack Brown
Wolsingham, Co. Durham, England

Jack BrownHappy memories
Jack Brown
1920 - 1997

John William Brown
West Promenade, Llandudno, Conwy, Wales

John William BrownJohn William
1927 - 2011
A special husband, dad
& granddad
Enjoy this coastline

Joseph Bernard and Joseph B. Brown
Cemetery, Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham, England

Joseph Bernard and Joseph B. BrownBrown Family
In memoriam
Joseph Bernard 7.2.95
Joseph B. (Son) Cpl., R. Eng., 22.1.89

Mr. and Mrs. R. Brown
St. Peter's Churchyard, Newbrough, Northumberland, England

Mr. and Mrs. R. BrownIn remembrance of
(Auntie and Pop)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Brown
with love and gratitude from little
evacuee Margaret, 1939 - 45

Stephen Paul Brown
North Cemetery and Crematorium, Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Stephen Paul BrownStephen Paul Brown
21. 08. 1957 - 11. 10. 2012
In memory of
"Sitting down again"
Go on

Ted Brown
Hamworthy Park, Poole, Dorset, England

Ted BrownTed Brown
1936 - 2003
Loving father and grandfather

Wilf Swindle Brown
Rookhope, Co. Durham, England

Wilf Swindle BrownIn loving memory of
Wilf Swindle Brown
(1899 - 1995)
and beloved son Geoffrey

William and Mabel Brown
Seaton Sluice, Northumberland, England

William Brown1906      In Memoriam      2002
William (What!) Brown
A memorable father

Mabel Brown1913      In Memoriam      1992
Mabel (Brownie) Brown
Beloved mother and friend

Audrey June Brown-Kerr
St. George's Square, Glasgow City, Glasgow, Scotland

Wilf Swindle BrownThis bench is dedicated to
Audrey June Brown-Kerr  1924 ~ 2010
beloved mother of Gordon, Maureen, Elizabeth,
Eric, Dorothy and Allison.
May you and whoever sits on this bench
be at peace with yourself and your world.

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