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Angus Scott Campbell
Talkin Tarn, Cumbria, England

Angus Scott CampbellIn loving memory of
Dr. Angus Scott Campbell
A beloved husband, father
grandfather and friend

Betty Campbell
Callander, Stirling, Scotland

Betty CampbellForever in all
our hearts
Betty Campbell

Donald Campbell
Coniston, Cumbria, England

Donald Campbell, Panel Donald Campbell in 1966 Donald Campbell, Gravestone


In memory of
Donald Campbell, C. B. E.
Queen's commendation for brave conduct
who died on
January 4th 1967
while attempting to raise
his own world water speed record
on Coniston water


Campbell C. B. E.
Queen's commendation
for brave conduct
March 1921 - January 1967
Laid to rest September 2001

Whose achievements in
world speed records
depict his courage
in life and death
Also see "Leon Villa" on Lost Ancestors


Donald Campbell in 1966: See Wikimedia
Donald Campbell, Gravestone: See Wikimedia

Harry Lawson Campbell
Dunning, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Harry Lawson CampbellIn memory of
Harry Lawson Campbell
1900 - 1994
Formerly of Dunning
"Aye dear tae his heart"
Donated by
Chris Hill (Toronto) Canada

James Lorne Campbell
Dornoch Cathedral, Dornoch, Highland, Scotland

James Lorne CampbellTo the gloy of God
and in memory of
James Lorne Campbell
1955 - 85

Mairi MacKenzie Campbell
Muckairn Church, Taynault, Argyl and Bute, Scotland

Mairi MacKenzie CampbellIn memory of
Miss Mairi MacKenzie Campbell
Daughter of the Reverend Gillespie Campbell
Minister of Muckairn
1922 to 1928

Mairi MacKenzie Campbell was born in Kilchoman, Argyll and Bute on 04 May 1906 and died in Paisley, Renfreshire on 09 January 1987. Her parents were Reverent Gillespie McGregor Campbell and Isabella Laird Cochran.

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