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Mr. A. Day
St Mary's Church, Billinghurst, Sussex, England

Mr. A. DayIn memory of
Mr. A. Day
1910 - 1986

Betty Day
St Mary's Church, Billinghurst, Sussex, England

Betty DayTreasured Memories
of a wonderful Mum and Nan
Betty Day    28.12.25 - 5.8.98
This seat is donared by
family and friends in her memory
for whom she always had time for.
Special thanks to all the staff of
Abbotsbury Ward
for their care and kindness.

Shirley Day
St Mary's Churchyard, Ambleside, Cumbria, England

Shirley DayShirley Day
24.3.56 - 22.5.05
She asked for nothing, she
gave so much to everyone and
left us beautiful memories

Da  De  Di  Do  Du 

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