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Jemima Edwards
West Promenade, Llandudno, Conwy, Wales

Jemima Edwards In loving memory of
Mrs. Jemima Edwards
1911 - 2005
A wonderful mother, grandmother and
Sadly missed by us all

Joan Edwards
West Overcliff Viewpoint, Alum Chine, Dorset, England

Joan Edwards With love remembered
a very special person
Joan Edwards    1922 - 1996

May Edwards
St. Mary's Church, Halkyn, Flintshire, Wales

May Edwards In loving memory of
May Edwards
28 May 1928 - 20 June 1989

1939 Index England & Wales
Date of Birth:
May Chappell
28 May 1928
Edwin W. Chappell
Amy Rushton
St. Asaph, Flintshire, Wales

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