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Kenneth MacRae and Donald J. Munro
Dornoch Cathedral, Dornoch, Highland, Scotland

Donald J. Munro and Kenneth MacRaeDedicated to the memory of
Donald J. Munro
Band Secretary/Treasurer, (1985 - 2008) and
Kenneth MacRae
Pipe Major, (1947 - 1977)
for their devoted service to
The Dornoch Pipe Band

Williamina Macrae
Memorial Garden, Poolewe, Highland, Scotland

Williamina Macrae
In memory of Williamina (Nini) Macrae, and her husband Donald Graham, of North Borneo,
who met in Poolewe, and loved this place.
Nini, school teacher in Poolewe c. 1927-1937, daughter of Alexander Macrae (Ali Ruadh)
of Loch Broom and Dingwall, and Williamina (Willack) Macleod of Bradrallach.
Donald, son of Daniel Graham, from Menteith, and Mary Mackenzie, of Soay.
Nini's remains are in the family grave in Dingwall. Donald's ashes scattered, according to his wishes,
on Beinn Airigh Charr, where he proposed to her.

Given by their children Sheena, Ranald and Morag, and their grandchildren
James, Fenella and George; Seorais, Skye and Georgia; Graham, Teala and Jamie.
Salaamat Jalan
August 2003
Turas Mhath

Ma  Mac  Mc  Me  Mi  Mo  Mu 

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