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William Waring
Welshpool, Powys, Wales

William WaringLance Sergeant
William Waring
The Royal Welsh Fusiliers
18th September 1918
William Waring
Born: Oct 13, 1885
Died: Oct 8, 1918

World War I Victoria Cross recipient
Born in Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Mid Wales.
He served as a Sergeant in the 25th Battalion
Royal Welsh Fusiliers, British Army.

Grave William Waring

World War I Victoria Cross Recipient. Born in Welshpool, Wales, he served as a Sergeant in the 25th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers, British Army. On October 8, 1918, at Ronssoy, France, Sergeant Waring led an attack against German machine gun positions. Under heavy fire from the flank and front, he rushed a strong point single handed, bayoneting four of the garrison and capturing twenty others. He then under heavy shell and machine gun fire, he re-organized his men, led and inspired them for another 400 yards, when he fell mortally wounded. For gallantry in the face of the enemy, he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross on January 31, 1919.

William Waring

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