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Dennis Watts
St. Edward King & Martyr, Athelhampton, Dorset, England

Dennis WattsIn loving memory of
Dennis Watts 1952 - 2009
who made and donated this
bench to Athelhampton Church

Jack Watts
Seaton Sluice, Northumberland, England

Jack WattsJack Watts
1929 - 1995

Muriel Watts
All Saints, Orton, Cumbria

Muriel WattsTo the memory of
Muriel Watts (nee Coates)
19.4.1913 - 9.5.89
loving husband Stanley
Grave Muriel WattsIn loving memory of
the beloved wife of Edmund Coates,
of Berwyn House,
who entered into rest Feb. 9th 1927,
aged 43 years.
And of the above
Edmund Coates,
who entered into rest Dec. 5th 1963,
aged 84 years.
Also Muriel, daughteer of the above
and beloved wife of Stanley Watts
who entered into rest 9.5.1989,
aged 76 years
and Stanley Watts, her husband
who entered into rest April 11th 2005
aged 90 years.

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