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Alan Maurice Wright
Bishop Middleham, Co. Durham, England

Alan Maurice WrightIn loving memory of
Alan Maurice Wright
24th November 1941 - 11th June 2004

Arthur Wright and his family
Avon Heath Country Park, Avon Heath, Dorset, England

Arthur Wright and his family(Arthur)
John Arthur Wright (21.6.23 - 27.2.2014)
You look down upon me as a star in the sky
Who keeps an eye on me as life passes by.
For one day we will be together, as it was meant
To be. Until then my darling keep shining down on me.
(Forever, your darling Enid)

Arthur Wright's family(Dad)
Muched loved Dad to John, Susan and Lynette
Father-in-Law to Lawrence and Iris.
Forever in our hearts and minds. x x x

Horace Wright
St Mary, Leatherhead, Surrey, England

Horace Wright
In loving memory of
Horace Wright C.B.E. M.C. M.M.
1916 - 2000

Stephen Robert Wright
Stanley Park, Blackpool, Blackpool, England

Stephen Robert WrightIn loving memory of
Gunner Stephen Robert Wright
12 Regiment R. A. L.
8.5.86 - 4.9.06
Simply the best

Wa  We  Wh  Wi  Wo  Wr 

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