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War Memorial - Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland

1914 - 1918  and  27 March 1943

Relief Relief Relief
David Livingstone (left)
James Watt (right)
Robert Burns (middle)
Admiral Wood (Navy)
Robert the Bruce (Army)
Saint Columba

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They gave their lives for their country and received each for his
own memory praise that will never die and with it the noblest sepulchre
not that in which their mortal bones are laid but a home in the minds of men.

1914          Thine o Lord is the victory          1918

John Adams
George Addis Adamson
Robert Thorburn Adamson
Archibald C.L. Alexander
David Shanks Anderson
George Anderson
John Ashton
James Ranand Beckett
Lawrence Bell
John Blackwood
William H. Boa
David Boyd
John Boyd
George Breckenridge
William Breckenridge
Hugh Brennen
Robert Andrew Bruce
William Cairns
Duncan Caldwell
Thomas Caldwell
George Carpenter
George Gartner
James Alexander Chrystie
Thomas Clinton
William Galloway Conn
Donald MacQueen Cook
William Cook
Thomas Cranston
David Crawford
Hugh Cullen
John Cullen
John Curlett
Robert Breckenridge Currie
William Dick
John Docherty
Patrick Docherty
William Donnachie
Gilbert Douglas
Dugald Dow
John Fleming
William Fleming
William Robert Fleming
Duncan Gardiner
Thomas Gates
James Shirra Gibb
Daniel M. Gibson
Matthew Deane Goodwin
James Gray
Robert McI. Green
John Grierson
William Guthrie
James Hamilton
James Smith Hamilton
John Harvey
James Houston
James Hunter
Thomas Young Irvine
William Irvine
John Johnstone
Alfred Jones
Andrew Kean
John Peter Kerr
Robert Kerr
Duncan Killin
Raymond Laughland
John Leitch
William Leonard
Henry McEwan Linton
Peter Logan
Hugh Lynch
George Douglas Mackay
Alexander Martin
William Melvin
John Orr Miller
James McLaren Morton
Alexander Muir
James Muir
Francis Munn
John William Munn
Archie Munro
John Murphy
Andrew S. Murray
Dugald McArthur
Hugh P. McCafferty
Daniel McCallum
James McCallum
Alexander McCaskill
Robert McCreadie
Archibald McDonald
David McDonald
John McDowall
David McEwan
Duncan McEwan
John McFarlane
Daniel McGill
John McGillivray
William McGillivray
Thomas McGrattan
James McIlroy
William McInnes
William McIntyre
John McKirdy
Duncan McLachlan
John McLean
Thomas McLeish
John Mathieson McMillan
John McMillan
William McMillan
Patrick McNamee
Angus McNicol
Peter Nolan
William Craig Nolan
James A. Norwood
Charles Fraser Ogden
Maxwell C. Pearson
William Phinn
James Radcliffe
William Radcliffe
George Ramsay
John Rankin
Robert Ritchie
Patrick Roche
William C. Rodger
Arthur Mathieson Rodman
James Cook Roxburgh
John Hampton Roxburgh
Robert Skillen
Angus Ross Smith
Charles Smith
James Ritchie Smith
Matthew Patterson Smith
Thomas Howie Smith
William Smyth
Robert S. Stairs
J. Bright Stevens
George Arthur Stevenson
William Tait
Andrew Taylor
George Walker Taylor
John Taylor
Thomas Thomson
Andrew Travers
Charles Tummilty
Ian S. Urquhart
Archibald Kennedy Walker
Tom Wallace
William A. Wallace
Edwin A. Watt
James Whitehead
William Wright

Many thanks to Mr. Stephen Wagstaff. He took the pictures of the war memorial.
Also many thanks to Mrs. Brogan Warren. She gave us the permission to use the pictures.
Mrs. Warren is project officer of "War Memorials Online". It's worth to take a look at the site.

27 March 1943

Dasher Memorial - Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland Panel H. M. S. Dasher

This memorial is dedicated
to the officers and men who
perished when H. M. S. Dasher,
an Archer-class aircraft carrier,
sank on 27th March, 1943.

"We will remember them"

Pictures: H. M. S. Dasher
Picture owner: Roger Griffith
Source: GenWiki
The pictures are licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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