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Roll of Honour - Arkholme, Lancashire, England

1914 - 1918

St. John's Church, Srkholme, Lancashire, England

The Roll of honour can be found in St. John's church.

Pray for those who have
gone from this parish to
serve our king and country
by land and sea and air.
Roll of Honour WW I Roll of Honour WW I
Frank Booth - King's Own Reg.
George Harrison - Army Service Corps
A. E. Allonby - King's Own Reg.
William S. Holmes - Border Reg.
Cyril W. Rivett - Royal Army Med. Corps
Tom Bownass - Duke of Wellington W. R. Reg.
Arthur Bownass - Royal Engineers
William Hornby - Cumberland & Westmorld. Yeomry.
Ralph Bibby - Cumberland & Westmorld. Yeomry.
Oliver Armour - Army Service Corps
Harold Wilson - Royal Field Artillery
Harry Dodding - Seaforth Highlanders
Bertie Hainsworth - Royal Navy
Louis Pearson - Army Service Corps
Tom Williamson - Royal Field Artillery
William Williamson - Royal Field Artillery
Walter Newhouse - Royal Field Artillery
Thomas H. Ireland - Royal Field Artillery
Frank Ireland - Australian Field Ambulance
Anthony Ireland - Australian Field Ambulance
William Ireland - King's Own Reg.
John G. Ireland - Royal Field Artillery
Albert Bibby - New Zealand Con.
Robert Bibby - New Zealand Con.
William Bargh - New Zealand Con.
Frank Clarke - Royal Navy
John C. Bownass - Royal Army Med. Corps
Albert Lawson - Lancashire Fusiliers
Robert Robinson - Royal Garrison Art.
John Read - Canadian Con.
John Wilson - Royal Engineers
John Bargh - New Zealand Con.
Charles Bargh - New Zealand Con.
James Bargh - New Zealand Con.
George Jennings - New Zealand Con.
Frank Webster - Royal Engineers
Chris Metcalfe - King's Own Reg.
Tom Read - King's Own Reg.
Birket Huddledon - Warwicksh. Reg.
Fred Marray - Border Reg.
Victor Croft - Wiltshire Reg.
John Parker - Liverpool Scottish
Stephen Parker, Canadian Forestry
Walther Tompson - Royal Field Artillery
William Bowness - South Lanc. Reg.
Frank Bibby - New Zealand Con.
Robert Langton - Loyal Nth. Lanc. Reg.
Henry Langton - Loyal Nth. Lanc. Reg.
William Rumney - East Lancs. Reg.
Albert Rumney - East Lancs. Reg.
Joseph Rumney - East Lancs. Reg.
Frank Pearson - Loyal Nth. Lanc.
Braithwaite Hayton - 1st Life Guards
Richard Williamson - 1st Life Guards
Edgar Bunde - Royal Air Force
Mason Thomas - Kg's Own R. Lancs.
George Sedgwick - Kg's Own R. Lancs.
William Metcalfe - Railway B.
James Stewart - Railway B.

The village of Arkholme have become known as "Thankful" village
as all 59 soldiers who were sent to the First World War returned home safely.

Harold Edward Newby In gratitude to God for victory
and in memory of
Harold Edward Newby
who died for his country in 1941
and in grateful remembrance
of those who served in the
Great Wars 1914 - 1918 & 1939 - 1945

Harold Edward Newby
Service No.:
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Add. Information:
Leading Stoker
D/KX 96291
abt. 1917
10 December 1941
Royal Navy, H. M. S. "Repulse"
Plymouth Naval Memorial, UK
Son of William and Edith Newby,
husband of Nellie Newby,
of Arkholme, Lancashire.

St. John's Church
Picture owner: Alexander P. Kapp
Source: GENUKI
The picture is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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