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War Memorial Panels - Aspatria, Cumbria, England

1914 - 1918  and  1939 - 1945

Church of St. Kentigern
The memorial panels can be found inside of the church of St. Kentigern.

Panel WW I To the glory of God
and in undying memory of our loved ones who
sacrificed their lives in the great war 1914 - 1918
Officers, N. C. Os and men of Aspatria.

Note: Memorial names are arranged by rank within battalion, below sorted alphabetically within battalion

1914 - 1918
1st Battalion
Border Regiment

Clulow, Moses

5th Battalion
Border Regiment

Atkinson, Thomas
Barbour, George
Barton, Frederick
Bell, George
Bell, Henry
Berwick, William
Birney, John George
Blair, Joseph
Dixon, William
Elliott, William James
Graham, Cyril
Greenwood, Malcolm McKenzie
Hewitt, Robert
Hewitt, Thomas
Johnston, Joseph Smith
Maxwell, Thomas
Miller, Richard Jackson
Moffat, Ernest Edwin
Moffat, Henry H.
Moffat, John William
Pass, Charles Eric
Thompson, James Alexander
Tinnion, John Watson
Ward, Thomas William
Webb, Henry Carlyle

7th Battalion
Border Regiment

Dixon, William
Holliday, John William
Lawman, Joseph William
Strong, John George
8th Battalion
Border Regiment

Brown, Gilfrid Elliott
Moore, Nicholas

9th Battalion
Border Regiment

Holliday, Henry Lowther

11th Battalion
Border Regiment

Allison, David Johnstone
Eland, William
Holliday, Alexander Watters
Holliday, Jonathan
Rumney, Joseph William

1st Battalion
Coldstream Guards

Bell, James

4th Battalion
Coldstream Guards

Smith, John William

54th Battalion
Canadian Expeditionary Force

Rayson, Joseph

7th Battalion
Durham Light Infantry

Troughton, William

7th Battalion
East Yorkshire Regiment

Blenkinsopp, Thomas George
Fell, Richard
Glaister, Alfred
9th Battalion
Gordon Highlanders

Barton, John George

6th Battalion
Kings Liverpool Regiment

Wilson, George

9th Battalion
Kings Liverpool Regiment

Cooper, Ernest

7th Battalion
Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

Fisher, Robert

Northumberland Fusiliers
Barton, Tom

Public Schools Naval Brigade
Brown, Stanley Gordon

Royal Army Service Corps
Newton, Joseph

Royal Engineers
Hodgson, Joseph
Ross, Angus

Royal Field Artillery
Tolson, John Henry
Young, Joseph

Royal Flying Corps
Ridley, Henry

2nd Battalion
Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Blair, William
Royal Naval Division
Tate, William

Scottish Horse
McCullock, James

1st Battalion
Seaforth Highlanders

Wilson, John Albert

2nd Battalion
Seaforth Highlanders

Bowes, John
Dixon, Richard

7th Battalion
Seaforth Highlanders

Birney, James
Law, Joseph

8th Battalion
Seaforth Highlanders

Murray, John
Peile, Pearson

4th Battalion
Tank Corps

Bulman, George

10th Battalion
Welsh Regiment

Richardson, Thomas James

6th Battalion
West Yorkshire Regiment

Yeowart, Daniel

10th Battalion
West Yorkshire Regiment

Miller, Richard W.

"Their names liveth for evermore"    Ecclus 44v/4
This tablet is affectionately dedicated by their parents and relatives

Panel WW II In memory of the men of Aspatria
who made the supreme sacrifice
during the World War
1939 - 1945

1939 - 1945
Jonathan Holliday Allen : Davidson Barnes
Richard Stanley Baty : Joseph Davidson Beattie
Joseph Blackburn : Robert Horace Brough
Roger Connelly : Thomas Cooper
George W. H. Demand : George Barbour Douglas
Harry Douglas : John George Douglas
Henry Glencross : Kenneth C. Graves
Donald Hodgson : Leonard Hodgson
Arthur Little : Robert Henry Monkhouse
James Pattinson : Robert Gordon Reay
John T. Richardson : Alexander A. Robin
Robert Salmon : Robert Skelton
Gordon Steele : John Thomas Stoddart
Lewis Benjamin Tunstall : Thomas Tunstall

"Their names liveth for evermore"

Many thanks to Mr. Mick Peck. The pictures and information were provided by him.

St. Kentigern
Picture owner: Bill Henderson
Source: geograph
The picture of St. Kentigern's church is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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