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War Memorial Panels - Cathedral, Bristol, England

Indian Rebellion 1857 - 1859

Indian Rebellion 1857 - 1859

To the memory of
the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and soldiers of the
Second Battalion Military Train,
who, during the Rebellion in India in the years 1857, 1858, 1859,
while serving as Light Cavalry, fell on the field of battle, died of their wounds or of sickness consequent thereon.

Captain Henry Nason, Lieut. William H. Dawson
both killed while charging the rebels at the head of their respective troops.

Staff Sergeants T. Butler, C. Curtis, T. Meehan, E. Reid, F. West
W. Cunningham, J. T. Wilkins, G. Taylor, H. Powell, W. F. Allen.

Sergeants W. McQuestion, J. Pennyfield, S. McRay, T. Porley, J. O. Keefe.

Corporals W. Budd, R. Church, J. Collins, G. McElroy, W. Stoll.

Privates W. Allman, T. Badger, D. Calder, J. Carr, J. S. Chettle, A. Consani, J. Dunn,
T. Daniels, J. Fear, J. Foulds, M. Fox, J. Gobby, J. Gray, S. Hale, J. M. Hall, J. Hall,
R. Hamstead, R. Hay, D. Hogan, T. Jones, J. Keeley, H. Land, T. Madden, J. Morgan, J. Parr,
R. Penman, A. Reilly, T. Rogers, H. Samways, G. Sharman, J. Silcox, S. Silk, W. Springett.

This tablet
is erected by their comrades of all ranks serving in the
Military Train.

1914 - 1919
1/3 South Midland Field Ambulance

South Midland Field Ambulance 1914-1919
1/3 South Midland Field Ambulance
R. A. M. C. (T. F.)

Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned
N.C.O.s & men who gave up their lives during
the European War 1914 - 1919
Pte. Ash, G. E.
Pte. Burnett, W. L.
S/Sgt. Carter, P. W.
Dvr. (H. T.) Cook, W. E.
Pte. Cox, W.
Pte. Eaton, E. J.
Pte. Edmonson, H.
Pte. Emm, T.
Pte. Ford, W. A.
Sgt. Hill, R.
Pte. Holton, S. J.
Pte. Hughes, P.
Pte. Johnson, E. V.
Pte. Knowles, E. H.
Pte. Rawlings, A.
Pte. Snook, H. A.
Pte. Stone, E.
Dvr. (H. T.) Todd, W. C.
Pte. Townsend, W.
Pte. Watson, E. S.
Dvr. (M. T.) Whyman, C. W.
This tablet is erected by members of the unit.

"They died that we might live."

1940 - 1941
Civil Defence Wardens' Service

Civil Defence Wardens' Service 1940/41

Roll of Honour 1940 - 1941
Civil Defence Wardens' Service

They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them. - - - L. Binyon
G. D. Burt, Knowle
W. E. D. Hazell, Knowle
F. R. Thyer, Bedminster
R. S. G. Etty, Central
D. Hogan, Central
C. R. Martin, Clifton
A. Sapsed, Central
I. J. Stephens, Central
A. F. Cleverley, Knowle
A. Lings, Clifton
Miss D. E. Tutton, Knowle
Mrs. M. D. Etty, Central
S. Holmes, Central
Miss G. M. Moore, Central
H. Smith, Central
A. A. Parker, Central
G. W. G. Dustan, Knowle
C. B. Moody, Knowle
D. C. Belfall, Central
W. George, Central
J. W. Jefferies, Central
W. J. Pinney, Central
H. S. Stephens, Clifton
R. H. Davies, Central
R. Nabb, Bedminster
C. Derrick, Bedminster
G. E. Mapstone, St. George
A. C. G. Hurditch, Bedminster
A. C. Baker, Bedminster
S. F. Heaven, Knowle


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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