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War Memorial - Broughton in Furness, Cumbria, England

1914 - 1918  and  1939 - 1945
St. Mary Magdalena's Church

War Memorial - Broughton, Cumbria, England

Names 1914-1918
Erected in loving memory of the men
of this parish
who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Names 1914-1918 Charles H. Adams
Wilfrid Ashcroft
John Atkinson
Edward Wilson Barrow
William Henry Barrow
James Butterfield
Joseph Butterfield
George Ernest Coulton
Ernest Hadwin
Isaac Hartley
Harold Hirst
Wilfrid Hutchinson
Richard Parker
William Gray Rawlinson
Thomas Saul
Hartley Simpson
Edward Singleton
George Francis
      Fitzwalter Benest

Names 1939-1945
Also the World War 1939 - 1945
Thomas E. Belcher
William Brownlee
J. Ronald Cole
Richmund G. Cross
Thomas B. Dykes
Richard H. Fawcitt
Ernest Hadwin
Thomas Parker
Geoffrey St. B. Rabbidge
Thomas Smart

Inside of St. Mary Magdalena's Church is a Roll of Honour to find.

Roll of Honour 1914-1918

Roll of Honour 1914-1918 On active service
1914 - 1918
Allonby, Robert
Andrew, Arthur Howe
Ashburner, Thomas
Atkinson, Henry
Atkinson, Samuel
Balderstone, George
Balderstone, Thomas W.
Barratt, W. Donald
Barrow, Joseph
Beetham, Robert
Bowden, George
Bowyer, R. W.
Braithwaite, John
Brett, Albert
Brett, George Henry
Brown, Harry
Butterfield, Matthew
Butterfield, William
Cameron, H. S.
Cannon, Henry
Cannon, William
Clarke, Arthur
Cookson, Charles B. C. S.
Cookson, Clement S.
Cookson, Ernest S.
Cookson, Gerard R. S.
Cookson, Treville S.
Dawson, Joseph
Dawson, Thomas
Dixon, Stephen
Dixon, William Smith
Douglas, Harry E.
Farrar, William
Frearson, Allan
Frearson, Hugh
Gilpin, Thomas W.
Grimes, John
Hadwin, Abraham
Hadwin, Leonard
Hadwin, Robert
Hadwin, Thomas
High, Thomas
Hall, Ralph M.
Hardisty, Oliver
Hartley, Henry
Hartley, J. Edward
Hartley, Joseph
Hird, Thomas
Holmes, Thomas
Jackson, James
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, William
Jones, Joseph Lloyd
Kellett, R.
Longmire, John
Lowther, Fred
Lowther, John
Lowther, William F.
Mawson, Albert
Monnington, R.
Muncaster, James
Myers, Albert
Newton, Mark
Newton, Walter
Newton, William
Nicholson, William
Oldcorn, Stephen
Park, Charles F.
Park, J. J.
Park, William Henry
Parker, F.
Parker, R.
Parker, W.
Parkinson, G. Henry
Parkinson, William G.
Phillipson, F.
Phillipson, J. E.
Reay, Edward
Rimmer, Thomas
Scarce, J. W.
Shaw, G.
Shepherd, S.
Shuttleworth, F.
Slater, Edward
Slater, J. F.
Smith, Sydney
Spencer, Norman
Stamper, John
Steel, John
Stephenson, J. W.
Stephenson, Thomas
Stimson, J. F.
Thackeray, Arthur
Thackeray, F. S.
Thackeray, George
Thackeray, Harry
Thackeray, John
Thackeray, Tyson
Thackeray, William
Thomas, Albert
Turner, Sydney
Tyson, F.
Tyson, Robert
Tyson, Thomas
Tyson, William J.
Walker, Roger
Walker, Septimus
Warwick, Wilson
Watson, J. S.
Woodburn, Alfred
Woodburn, Trainor
Died on active service
Adams, Charles H.
Ashcroft, Wilfrid
Atkinson, John
Barrow, Edward Wilson
Barrow, William Henry
Butterfield, James
Benest, George Francis F.
Butterfield, Joseph
Coulton, George Ernest
Hadwin, Ernest
Hartley, Isaac
Hirst, Harold
Hutchinson, Wilfrid
Parker, Richard
Rawlinson, William Gray
Saul, Thomas
Simpson, Hartley
Singleton, Edward
We will remember them

Roll of Honour 1939-1945 On active service
1939 - 1945

Atkinson, Albert
Atkinson, Andrew
Barker, Eric
Barker, John
Barker, Peter
Barker, Wilfred
Belcher, Thomas †
Brown, Harold
Brown, Tom
Brownlee, William †
Carter, Thomas W.
Cole, John Ronald †
Cresswell, Norman
Cresswell, Walter
Cross, Assheton K.
Cross, Richmund G. †
Dawson, Frederick
Dawson, Geoffrey
Barrow, Constance
Carpenter, Hilda
Dykes, Nancy B.
Hadwin, Jessie
Jones, Connie
Dawson, Leslie
Duckworth, Arthur
Dykes, Joseph B. †
Dykes, Thomas B. †
Fawcitt, Richard
Hadwin, John
Hadwin, Robert
Hadwin, William
Hardy, Robert Bruce
Helme, John R.
Helme, Thomas
Heskett, Edward
Hill, Perry Henry
Holmes, George
Jones, Fred
Jones, Reginald
Kitchin, John
Magill, John
Mason, Catherine
Mason, Margaret
Mason, Mary
Redhead, Iris
Redhead, Mary
Newboult, Charles
Palmer, James E.
Parker, Thomas †
Rabbidge, Geoffrey †
Rigg, Henry
Robley, Dennis
Slee, John
Stables, William
Stamper, John
Stuart, Joseph
Taylor, John R.
Taylor, Robert
Todd, Edward
Tyson, Ronald
Walker, Alan
Walker, Joseph
Watson, Peter
Webb, Hugh
Wood, Harold E.
Robinson, Violet
Sewell, Vera
Wilson, Doris
At Sea
Atkin, George David
Atkinson, William
Bell, George
Cook, Henry
Cross, John
Fry, Sidney
Hadwin, Ernest †
Turner, Archibald
Walker, John
Royal Air Force
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, James
Askew, John
Barker, Edward P.
Burland, Eric
Burland, George
Cherry, John
Dawson, Gordon
Dowker, Martin
Fawcitt, John
Grandy, John
Green, John H.
Knipe, Ralph
Langtree, Frederick
Miller Richard
Nicholson, John
Seddon, Leslie
Smart, Thomas †
Walker, John Todd
Wilson, Arthur
Gainford, Marjorie
Voluntary Aid Detachment
Carpenter, Ada
Cross, Joonea
Dixon, Eleanor
Green, Dorothy
Whitehead, Doris †
† died on active service

For King and Country


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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