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War Memorial - Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial - Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, Scotland Inscription WW I To the honoured memory
of the men
from this town and parish
in the Great War 1914 - 1919
gave their lives
for their country.

Poppie wreath Names WW I Poppie wreath
Argyll & Sutherland Hdrs.
Capt. Hugh W. Hamilton
Capt. Robert H. Kelly
2nd Lieut. Archibald M. Gardiner
2nd Lieut. John J. MacGrory
Sergt. Neil Brown
Sergt. Alexander Colville
Sergt. D. Henderson
Sergt. Donald Kelly
Sergt. Duncan McCallum
Sergt. Alexander McCallum
Sergt. Daniel McKiernan
Sergt. James G. McLaren
Sergt. James McLean
Sergt. Maurice McMillan
Sergt. Alexander McNiven
Sergt. Daniel Martin
Sergt. Duncan Muir
L/Sergt. Archibald Galbraith
L/Sergt. Malcolm O'May
Corpl. Angus Bowie
Corpl. Thomas Gillies
Corpl. Daniel M. Hamilton
Corpl. John A. B. Lang
Corpl. Alexander McLachlan
Corpl. Daniel Mason
Corpl. Duncan McK. Wilson
Corpl. William R. Wylie
L/Corp. William Andrew
L/Corp. John Black
L/Corp. Daniel Brown
L/Corp. Donald H. Cook
L/Corp. Jack Docherty
L/Corp. John W. Donald
L/Corp. J. Drummond
L/Corp. Thomas Henderson
L/Corp. Alexander McCallum
L/Corp. James McIvor
L/Corp. Ronald McKinven
L/Corp. Duncan M. McLachlan
L/Corp. Duncan McSporran
L/Corp. James Rankin
Pte. Archibald Blackstock
Pte. Alexander Borthwick
Pte. William Brodie
Pte. George Campbell
Pte. Malcolm Campbell
Pte. Daniel Christie
Pte. Duncan Christie
Pte. Thomas Coffield
Pte. George Colville
Pte. Hugh Connor
Pte. Thomas Connor
Pte. John Y. Cunningham
Pte. John Docherty
Pte. Duncan Docherty
Pte. Daniel Duncan
Pte. Nicholas Finn
Pte. Donald Galbraith
Pte. James D. McD. Galbraith
Pte. Donald Graham, M. M.
Pte. John Graham
Pte. Duncan Graham, M. M.
Pte. Neil Greenlees
Pte. John Hamilton
Pte. William Hamilton
Pte. Neil Hamilton
Pte. Duncan Henderson
Pte. Joseph Jordan, M. M.
Pte. Colin Lang
Pte. Colin McAlister
Pte. John MacAulay
Pte. Neil McCallum
Pte. James McCallum
Pte. George M. McConnachie
Pte. Charles McCormack
Pte. P. McCrank, M. M.
Pte. Donald McDonald
Pte. Duncan McDonald
Pte. Dugald McDougall
Pte. Edward McEachran
Pte. Neil McEachran
Pte. Joseph McEwing
Pte. William McEwing
Pte. John McGeachy
Pte. Donald McGougan
Pte. Peter McGill
Pte. Alexander McIsaac
Pte. Duncan McIsaac
Pte. Duncan McIvor
Pte. James McLean
Pte. Malcolm McLean
Pte. Samuel M. Mclean
Pte. Archibald L. McMaster
Pte. Duncan McMillan
Pte. John McMillan
Pte. Alexander McMillan
Pte. Donald McMillan
Pte. Charles McNaughton
Pte. Duncan McSporran
Pte. Walter McTaggart
Pte. McVey John
Pte. John Maloney
Pte. Beatty R. Mansfield
Pte. Neil Martin
Pte. Neil Mason
Pte. Dugald Mathieson
Pte. James G. Millar
Pte. Alexander O'May
Pte. William O'May
Pte. Norman O'May
Pte. John M. Paterson
Pte. Archibald Paterson
Pte. James Ronald
Pte. Duncan Sinclair
Pte. Malcolm Stewart
Pte. Archibald Stewart
Pte. Leslie C. Tandy
Pte. Robert Taylor
Pte. John Taylor
Drummer A. C. M. McCallum
Drummer John McKay
Drummer William Wilson

Highland Light Infantry
Capt. Archibald J. McKersie
Pte. W. Carmichael
Pte. Daniel Galbraith
Pte. John Huie
Pte. Angus M. MacKechnie
Pte. Edward McKinlay
Pte. Archibald McMillan

Poppie wreath Names WW I Poppie wreath
Black Watch
Pte. Archibald Armour
Pte. Norman S. Campbell
Pte. Alexander Graham
Pte. Donald McAlpine
Pte. Robert McCaig
Pte. Neil MacKay
Pte. Hugh Mitchell

Seaforth Highlanders
2nd Lieut. Frederick J. Broom
Pte. Alexander Henderson
Pte. James McEachran
Pte. Neil McKinven
Pte. Edward McKinnon
Pte. John McKinlay
Pte. John Morrison
Pte. William Speed

Gordon Highlanders
Corpl. Archibald H. McMillan
L/Corpl. Archibald McKinlay
Pte. Peter Campbell
Pte. Dugald Conley
Pte. Neil Currie
Pte. John McCallum
Pte. James McCulloch
Pte. Donald McDonald
Pte. Robert McNiven
Pte. William Morrison
Pte. William Paterson
Pte. Alexander A. Wilson

Cameron Highlanders
2nd Lieut. Malcolm McIntyre
L/Corpl. Neil Campbell
L/Corpl. Donald McMillan
Pte. John Brown
Pte. Richard Kelly
Pte. Charles MacGrory
Pte. James McQuilkan
Pte. Alexander J.S. Rae
Pte. J. M. Stewart
Argyle Mountain Battery RGA
Sergt. Archibald Johnston
Corpl. Archibald Johnston
Corpl. James F. McLean
Corpl. Charles Sheddan
Gunr. James Ferreti
Gunr. John Hamilton
Gunr. Hugh Kane
Gunr. John McCallum
Gunr. Proudfoot McIntyre
Gunr. Thomas McIntyre
Gunr. Robert McMillan
Gunr. James Morrison
Gunr. William Sheddan
Gunr. William McG. Taylor
Gunr. William Wallace

Royal Field Artillery
2nd Lieut. D. McA. Bowie
2nd Lieut. S.G. Cunningham
Gunr. John Armour
Gunr. Archibald Huie
Gunr. James B. Johnston
Gunr. Duncan McCallum
Gunr. William McDonald
Gunr. William McIntyre
Gunr. Thomas A. Mutch
Gunr. Dugald Shearer
Driver Hector McMillan

Royal Garrison Artillery
Gunr. William Gillon
Gunr. Duncan Lang
Gunr. Hugh McGuire

Royal Scots
Corpl. Hugh M. Crooks
L/Corpl. Matthew C. Reid
Pte. James Forrester
Pte. Malcolm Galbraith
Pte. James R. McPherson
Pte. Peter Quigley
Royal Navy & Mercantile Marine
Comr. Robert H. Llewelyn
Eng. Lieut. Com. D. D. Cunningham
Captain Neil Mackay
Captain Duncan Martin
Chief Offr. John Girvan
Chief Offr. John McLean
Chief Offr. Neil Ritchie
Chief Offr. George Ritchie
3rd Offr. James Ritchie
Engr. A. Campbell Morgan
Telegt. James Donald
Shipwright Daniel Girvan
Gunner John Brodie
Stoker Charles MacKinnon
Seaman William M. Gillies
Seaman Neil Graham
Seaman Samuel Holly
Seaman Edward Lafferty
Seaman James McAulay
Seaman James McGown
Seaman Kenneth McKenzie
Seaman James McKinven
Seaman Dugald Mclellan
Seaman Duncan McLellan
Seaman Peter McMillan
Seaman John McMillan
Seaman William McMillan
Seaman Archibald Morrison
Seaman Alexander Rankin
Seaman Alexander Ritchie
Seaman Malcolm B. Speed
Seaman James Stewart
Seaman David Walker

Royal Engineers
Sergt. Archibald Thomson, D. C. M.
Corporal Donald McGougan
Corporal Angus McKinlay
Sap. James Colville
Sap. Adam Gillespie
Pioneer Neil McK. Henderson
Pioneer Samuel Muir

Poppie wreath Names WW I Poppie wreath
Canadian Forces
Capt. James McNeill
Lieut. Alexander Kerr
Sergt. Robert McGregor
L/Corpl. Archibald McArthur
L/Corpl. Neil Watson
L/Corpl. R. S. Whiteford
Tpr. Angus McKinven
Pte. James Campbell
Pte. James B. Carson
Pte. Robert Clark
Pte. G. W. Clementson
Pte. J. L. Crawford
Pte. Thomas Douglas
Pte. Malcolm Galbraith
Pte. Neil Galbraith
Pte. John Hamilton
Pte. Michael Kelly
Pte. John T. Kelly
Pte. Archibald Kelly
Pte. Donald M. MacAllum
Pte. Peter McIntyre
Pte. Angus K. McKinven
Pte. Lachlan McKinnon
Pte. Neil Houston McLean
Pte. John McLean
Pte. Hugh McMillan
Pte. Peter McPherson
Pte. Thomas McPherson
Pte. Alexander McSporran
Pte. Alexander Mansfield
Pte. Hugh G. Martin
Pte. John A. R. Martin
Pte. William Taylor Reid

New Zealand Forces
Gunr. Donald McConnachie
Tpr. Archibald Huie McMinn
Pte. John Cameron
Pte. John Campbell
Pte. Peter Campbell
Pte. Donald Muir
Pte. Donald O'May
Pte. Robert A. Reid
Pte. Gavin Reid

Army of U. S. A.
Pte. Alexander McPherson
Capt. James Brown
2nd Lieut. Alex. Ritchie, M. A.
Sergt. Neil F. Duncan
Sergt. Robert B. Wallace
L/Corpl. Dugald S. Stewart
Pte. John McMillan
Pte. Peter Sinclair

London Regiment
Corporal T. E. MacKinnon
Pte. James Coffield
Pte. Archibald MacKinnon
Pte. George Stewart, M. A.

Royal Army Service Corps
Pte. William Johnston
Pte. John McAlister
Pte. Donald McCallum
Pte. Alexander McMillan

Machine Gun Corps
L/Corpl. John Brown
L/Corpl. Duncan Cook
L/Corpl. Andrew Hamilton
Pte. A. J. Galbraith
Pte. Chas. McMichael, M. M.
Pte. Joseph McSporran
Pte. Donald Stewart

Labour Corps
Pte. Robert Kelly

Royal Air Force
2nd Lieut. Ian Ure McMurchy
2nd Lieut. William Mitchell

Australian Forces
Corpl. Kenneth Johnston
Pte. Dugald McIntyre
Pte. Edward McMillan
Pte. Charles A. McMurchy
Pte. John Paterson

South African Forces
Sergt. John Strang
Corpl. A. Henderson
L/Corpl. Robert R. Cameron
Tpr. Ralph C. S. Gillon
Corpl. Neil McArthur, Scottish Horse
L/Corpl. Gilbert Blackstock

Pte. Duncan Wilson, Scots Greys

Sergt. Hugh Paton, Scots Guards
Pte. Lachlan McCoag, Scots Guards

Pte. William O'Hara, Irish Guards

Lieut. Charles McEachran, Devon Regt.

2nd Lieut. A. J. Tandy, W. Yorkshire Regt.
L/Corpl. Thos. Urquhart, W. Yorkshire Regt.

Pte. J. C. E. MacKinnon, Leicester Regt.

2nd Lieut. James Dunlop, Royal Scots Fus.
Pte. Daniel Docherty, Royal Scots Fus.
Pte. James McFadyen, Royal Scots Fus.
Pte. John Stalker, Royal Scots Fus.
Pte. John Taylor, Royal Scots Fus.

Corpl Donald McPherson, K. O. S. B.
L/Corpl Alexander McMillan, K. O. S. B.
Pte. Peter Carmichael, K. O. S. B.
Pte. James Taylor, K. O. S. B.

Pte. D. R. McKerral, D. C. L. I.

Lieut. Col. G. E. B. Pownall, Border Regt.
Capt. T. T. B. Pownall, Border Regt.

Pte. Allan Murray, Essex Regt.

Pte. John Rodgers, Loyal ? Lancs

Pte. David Andrew, R. W. K.

Pte. Peter Armour, K. O. Y. L. I.
Pte. Donald McIntyre, K. O. Y. L. I.
Pte. Thomas R. Morrison, K. O. Y. L. I.

Pte. William Cook, Durham Light Infantry
Pte. Peter McCallum, Durham Light Infantry
Pte. Angus McKinnon, Durham Light Infantry
Pte. John Muir, Durham Light Infantry

Inscription WW II And
also to those who gave their lives
in the Second World War
1939 - 1945

Names WW II 1939 - 1945
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Lieut. William J. Galbraith
C. S. M. Duncan Conner
C. S. M. Alexander McKinnon, D. C. M.
Pipe Major Archibald Wilson
Sergt. John M. Anderson, M. M.
Sergt. Stephen Anderson
Sergt. Duncan Campbell
Sergt. Archibald McCallum
Sergt. Alexander C. Terry, G/Pilot
Sergt. Duncan McInnes, M. M.
Corpl. Robert J. Cunningham
Corpl. William C. Deans
Corpl. William P. Gilchrist
Corpl. John McGeachy
L/Corpl. Charles Munro
Pte. Alexander Boyd
Pte. James Boyd
Pte. Angus Cook
Pte. Donald Docherty

Pte. Donald Martin
Pte. Lawrence Merrilees
Pte. Allan Mitchell
Pte. Matthew Muir
Pte. Daniel McArthur
Pte. Peter McPhee
Pte. George O'Hara
Pte. Robert Paterson
Pte. James Scott
Pte. Robert Wilson

Names WW II 1939 - 1945
Royal Artillery
Sergt. Victor J. Mayo
Sergt. Donald McCallum
Sergt. Neil McMillan
L/Sergt. Peter McArthur
L/Sergt. Thomas Thomson
Bdr. John G. McArthur
L/Bdr. Neil Brodie
L/Bdr. Hugh Cook
L/Bdr. David Helm
L/Bdr. Robert M. MacArthur
Gunr. Thomas Blue
Gunr. William Brown
Gunr. James Mason
Gunr. Campbell McCaig
Gunr. Gilbert McCallum
Gunr. Malcolm McIntyre
Gunr. Archibald McMillan
Gunr. Andrew C. McTaggart
Gunr. Duncan Rankin
Gunr. George Stewart
Gunr. John Watson
L/Bdr. Charles Anderson
Royal Air Force

Fl/Lieut. Malcolm McNeal
Flyg/Officer David C. Blair
Pilot Officer John C. Cunningham
Pilot Officer Neil McA. MacGaw
Pilot Officer A.J.S. Ollar, D. F. M.
Pilot Officer Alexander G. Scott
F/Sergt. Robert B. Hoynes
F/Sergt. John McA. Johnston
F/Sergt. David McA. Munro
Sergt. Archibald T.W. Campbell
Sergt. Hector McN. Gill
W. O. Daniel Galbraith
A/C Andrew Johnston
L.A.C. Alastair F. Blue
L.A.C. John Morrison
AC. I. Alexander McInnes
AC. I. Donald McMillan

Names WW II 1939 - 1945
Royal and Merchant Navies
Lieut. Alexander W. G. Gibson
Ch. Officer William Downie
Ch. Officer Alexander Thomson
Ch. Eng. James Adam
P. O. Ronald Deakin
P. O. William Donaghy
P. O. Gilbert MacKay
O. S. Archibald Bell
Stwd. Hector Bannatyne
Stoker Lachlan Hart
Stoker John C. Hastie
Stoker Dugald Mathieson
Carpenter John M. McCallum
Cook John McAulay
Ldg. Seaman Neil Brodie
Ldg. Seaman John Douglas
Ldg. Seaman George F. Hay
Ldg. Seaman James McKenzie
A. B. John O. Bryson
A. B. Keith Campbell
A. B. Robert C. Campbell
A. B. John MacG. Girvan
A. B. Duncan McDiarmid
A. B. John H. McMillan
A. B. Robert H. Perry
Seaman John Brodie
Seaman William B. Graham
Seaman Thomas F. McWhirter
Seaman Arthur L.H. Wareham
Seaman R. Cookson, R. N.
Seaman M. Fitton, R. N.
Seaman M. Holmes, R. N.

Killed in Air Raid
Alexander Blue
    Motor Driver
Thomas Hunter
    Agricultural Organiser
James C. Henderson
F.E. Pendle
    Electrical Engineer
Archibald Stewart
    Procurator Fiscal
William Wallace
    Commercial Traveller

Names WW II 1939 - 1945
Pte. Donald Anderson, Black Watch
Rifleman James Kerr, Cameronians
Rifleman Allistair McD, McCaig, Cameronians
Pte. Archibald MacCallum, Cameron Highlanders
Pte. Alexander C. Paterson, Cameron Highlanders
Pte. Archibald Thomson, Cameron Highlanders
Corporal Hugh C. Mitchell, Royal Scots
Pte. William Duncan, Royal Scots
Pte. James Hughes, Royal Scots Fusiliers
Pte. John McGill, Royal Scots Fusliliers
Captain Robert L. MacKinnon, Seaforth Highlanders
Guardsman James Scott, Scots Guards
Chaplain Robert MacPherson, London Scottish
Lance Corporal James K. McKinlay, East Lancs
Corporal Albert F. Young, Royal North Lancs
L/Sergeant Ian M. Martin, Royal Welch Fusiliers
Rifleman Malcolm McMillan (Glider Pilot), Royal Ulster Rifles
Lance Corporal Dugald McMillan, R.A.O.C.
Driver James Conley, R.A.O.C.
Sapper James D. McArthur, Royal Engineers
Private Italo Grumoli, Parachute Regiment
Sergeant Leslie A. Taylor, Royal Marines
Sergeant Ronald McNeill, Canadians
Sergeant William Grant, United States Army
Sapper John M. Conner, Royal Engineers


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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