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War Memorial - Canonbie, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial - Canonbie, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland Names WW I Names WW II

The names are sorted in alphabetical order.

To the glory of God
and in proud and grateful remembrance of
all those who gave their lives for
their king and country
and for the freedom of the nation
in the Great War 1914 - 1919
especially those of this parish.
Whose names are
George Armstrong, Scottish Rifles
W. J. Armstrong, Royal Scots Fusiliers
Christopher Armstrong, K. O. S. B.
Walter Armstrong, Gordon Highlanders
Frank Armstrong, Nortumberland Fusiliers
John Beattie, Royal Scots Fusiliers
James Bell, K. O. S. B.
Richard Byers, K. O. S. B.
James Calvert, K. O. S. B.
James Conacher, Black Watch
W. J. Cowan, Scots Guards
Charles G. Cragie, Border Regiment
Chas J. Davidson, Canadians
David Dinwoodie, Loyal North Lancs
Walter Douglas, Scottish Rifles
G. B. A. Elliot, Machine Gun Corps
Jas Glendinning, K. O. R. L. R.
Richard Graham, Border Regiment
A. K. Graham, K. O. S. B.
Isaac Graham, Australians
James Grieve, Australians
Walter Hogg, K. O. S. B.
Sam W. Hounam, Black Watch
Samuel Irving, K. O. S. B.
Walter Jackson, K. O. S. B.
John W. Jackson, K. O. S. B.
George J. Jardine, Royal Garrison Artillery
John Jarvie, K. O. S. B.
H. J. Johnston, D. S. O.,
    Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regt.
Peter Keen, K. O. S. B.
James Law, K. O. S. B.
David Lister, K. O. S. B.
Stewart Lister, Royal Scots Fusiliers
John Malcolm, Royal Scots Fusiliers
John McGlasson, K. O. S. B.
Murdoch McLean, Border Regiment
John G. McRoberts, Royal Scots
William Murray, K. O. S. B.
Maurice Robson, Cameron Highlanders
Adam Routledge, Machine Gun Corps
Robert Snowden, Seaforth Highlanders
John James Steele, Royal Scots
James Steele, K. O. S. B.
Archie D. Telfer, K. O. S. B.
John M. Wylie, Royal Scots Fusiliers
Alexander Wylie, K. O. S. B.

Who can provide the names of 1939 - 1945?


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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