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War Memorial - Carleton Rode, Norfolk, England

1944  -  1945
US Air Force - Heavy Bombardment Group

All Saints US War Memorial WW I
The memorial can be found inside of the Church of All Saints.

2nd Combat Bomb Wing
Stations 114, 124, 144

All Saints Church in Carleton Rode is located within 5 miles of the three American airfields that comprised the 2nd Air Combat Bombardment Wing. Bases at Hethel, Old Buckenham and Tibenham were built between 1941 and 1943 and became the homes to thousands of young men at each location who arrived in the area to join in the battle above the skies of occupied Europe.
From July 1943 until the end of the war in Europe, the young men from these airfields flew more than 860 missions, suffering the loss of thousands of airmen with many more injured or taken prisoner. During this time, the young Yanks of the 2nd Bomb Wing became a part of the lives of the locals around the airfield. Nearly every day, hundreds of bombers could been seen in the skies above the local villages, the drone of their engines becoming common place.
In spite of the short duration of their stay, these young American men had a profound impact on the lives of the locals in the villages surrounding the airfield. Through friendship, love and even marriages many of the men spent what little free time they had drinking in local pubs, relaxing in local homes and worshiping in local churches as they looked for respite from the ongoing conflict which took their friends and brothers. The local memorials placed in honour of those men who came from across the Atlantic to give their all stand testament to this special relationship which continues to this day.
Remark: The text was subscribed from an information panel what also can be found inside of the church.

Inscription WW II

In memory of the
following officers & men
of the 389th
Heavy Bombardment Group
U. S. A. Air Force
who gave their lives
in a
mid-air collision
over this parish
November 21st, 1944.

"There shall be no more death."

Rev. 21.4.
1st Lt. J. E. Rhine
1st Lt. J. W. Safier
2nd Lt. D. R. Bromer
2nd Lt. J. E. Ryles
2nd Lt. N. R. Snodgrass

T/Sgt. W. M. Bucher
T/Sgt. E. G. Forster
T/Sgt. S. H. Smith
T/Sgt. H. N. Thompson
S/Sgt. W. D. Brewer
S/Sgt. J. Heitler
S/Sgt. C. V. Hughes
S/Sgt. R. W. Krouskup
S/Sgt. F. L. Landrum
S/Sgt. W. E. Leatherwood
S/Sgt. H. W. Looy
S/Sgt. W. C. Sawyer
Names WW II

Inscription WW II

In memory of the
following officers & men
of the 453rd
Heavy Bombardment Group
U. S. A. Air Force
who gave their lives
in a
mid-air collision
over this parish
February 9th, 1945.

"For our tomorrow
they gave their today"
1st Lt. R. Q. Rollins
2nd Lt. E. E. Check
1st Lt. M. E. Stump

T/Sgt. J. P. Eubank
T/Sgt. E. W. Amburn
S/Sgt. J. E. Sharp
S/Sgt. R. W. Adkins
S/Sgt. E. T. Soine
S/Sgt. D. E. Robertson
S/Sgt. E. C. Erker
S/Sgt. W. L. Starbuck
Names WW II

On Feb. 9, 1945 the crew was returning from a mission in B-24J, 42-50703, Worry Bird, which had bombed the railroad marshalling yards at Magdeburg. As they were coming in for a landing, his ship and that of Lt. Glass collided just off the runway. Lt. Glass coming in long and high with an engine out and Lt Rollins ship on a normal approach. The lower plane, piloted by Lt. Rollins, nosed down sharply, its vertical stabilizer torn away. The other Lib, re-circled the pattern with two engines gone and somewhat battered from the collision and landed sucessfully. Rollins' plane smashed hard into the turf, short of the runway. It burst into flames immediately. All eleven men aboard Lt. Rollins' plane were killed in the crash.

All Saints
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This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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