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Boer War Memorial - Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales

1899 - 1902

Soldier Boer War Memorial Inscription Soldier

To the honoured memory
of her sons
who died during the war in
South Africa,
1899 - 1902,
dedicates this memorial.

Gwell Angau Na Cwarth
(Better death than disgrace)

Names Boer War Lieut. T. Morris
Trooper J. Wales
Sapper H. Baskerville
Pte. W. P. Davies
Lance Corp. W. J. Jacobs
Pte. T. Davies
Pte. T. Thomas
Lieut. W. A. C. Williams, D. S. O.
Lance Corp. F. J. Brown
Pte. W. James
Pte. Jnd. Jones
Lieut. J. S. Bagnall Gething
Corp. Jos. Davies
Lance Corp. T. L. Richards
Pte. W. Arthur
Pte. G. Davies
Pte. W. Davies
Pte. T. Hughes
Pte. Dan. Jones
Pte. Geo. Jones
Pte. T. Owens
Pte. I. Smedley
The Carabiniers
The Carabiniers
R. E.
Grenadier Guards
R. W. Fusiliers
R. W. Fusiliers
R. W. Fusiliers
S. W. Borderers
2nd S. W. Borderers
S. W. Borderers
S. W. Borderers
3rd S. W. Borderers
1st Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Welsh Regt.
Names Boer War Lance Corp. W. L. Fitzwilliams
Trooper F. Lewis
Trooper E. R. Webb
Trooper T. Parry
Lance Corp. H. G. Hall
Trooper S. Williams
Sergt. W. D. Davies
Corp. R. Howell
Corp. W. F. Jones
Lance Corp. W. Morgan
Trooper W. James
V. A. S. Coy., A. & S. Highlanders
Wiltshire Yeomanry
Gloucestershire Yeomanry
Middlesex Yeomanry
Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
Brabant's Horse
Diamond Field Horse
Plumer's Column
Mounted Rifles
Scot's Sharpshooters

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This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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