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War Memorial - Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Guild Hall

1914 - 1918  and  1939 - 1945
Royal Engineers

The Guild Hall
The panels are mounted at the
front wall of the Guild Hall.

To the glory
of God
and in memory
the noble dead
who were
members of the
Names WW I Welsh Field Co.
R. E.
and gave their
lives in the
Great War
1914 - 1918.

For King and Empire
C.Q.M.S. E. M. Duckfield
C.Q.M.S. D. R. Thomas
Sergt. W. J. C. Evans
Farr-Sergt. D. James
Corpl. J. Rattenbury
Corpl. J. E. Britton
2nd Corpl. S. P. Evans
2nd Corpl. E. Phillips
2nd Corpl. W. Wilson
Buglar R. A. Lewis
Sapper W. James
Sapper A. C. Calvert
Sapper W. J. Richards
Sapper R. V. Bennett
Sapper S. Smithies
Sapper T. Hinton
Sapper T. J. Davies
Sapper F. Edmunds
Sapper G. I. Griffiths
Sapper H. G. Howell
Sapper T. Jones
Sapper W. J. Tansill
Sapper R. L. White
Sapper T. J. Williams
Sapper C. Davies
Sapper D. Thomas
Sapper H. G. Ridge
Driver L. G. Evans
Driver F. G. Wade
Driver A. W. Bush
Driver W. H. York
Erected by the members of the company.

To the glory
of God
and in memory
the noble dead
who were
members of the
Names WW II Royal Engineers
who gave their
lives in the
2nd World War
1939 - 1945

For King and Empire
Sapper F. Ashby
Sapper R. W. Coole
Sapper G. C. Davies
Sapper C. L. Evans
Sapper H. G. Evans
Sergt. T. E. Gay
Sapper C. E. Griffiths
Sapper W. L. Jenkins
Lieut. J. R. Jones
Sapper T. I. Jones
Sergt. J. Lewis
L/Corpl. H. Llewelyn, M. M.
Corpl. U. Nicholas
L/Corpl. C. W. Norman
Corpl. W. T. F. Nuttycombe
Sapper J. E. O'Brien
Sapper W. R. Perkins
Sapper H. C. Phillips
Corpl. E. R. Roberts
Lieut. T. J. F. Roberts
L/Sergt. F. J. Shapley
Sergt. D. D. Thomas
Sapper E. J. Thomas
Sapper H. Walters
Sapper L. Walters
Sapper I. T. J. Williams
L/Corpl. J. V. Williams
Sapper T. A. Williams
Sapper T. L. Williams
Erected by the next of kin
and Carmarthen Comrades Association R. E.

Guild Hall
Picture owner: Ruth Sharville
Source: geograph
The picture of the Guild Hall is licensed under
the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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