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War Memorial - Earby (Sough), Lancashire, England

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial - Earby, Lancashire, England
© David Larkin
War Memorial - Earby, Lancashire, England
© David Larkin

1914 1914-1919 1919

Names WW I Names WW I Names WW I Names WW I
Bertie J. Adams
Arthur Aldridge
Stanley Anderson
W. Arnold
Thomas Ashton
Albert H. Ashworth
Arthur Bailey
Bennett Bailey
Harrison M. Bailey
Smith Bailey
Thomas H. Bailey
Alfred Banks
B. Barker
J. Granville Berry, M. C.
Charles G. Bishop
Arthur D. Blackburn
Fred Boocock
Edward Bowker
Samuel Bradley
Robert Bray
Ernest Breekes
George A. Bridge
John Bromley
William Brooks
Herbert Burrows
Sammy Butler
Lewis Cardwell
Sidney Carey
Dennis B. Clark
William Cook
George Cousins
Bertie Cowgill
Norris Cowgill
William Cowgill
E. Cranshaw
Gordon S. Cross
Harry Crossley
Christopher E. Crowther
Clarence Cryer
Oscar Dawson
John Dean
George Dearden
John W. Driver
Arthur W. Duckworth
Robert Duxbury
John Edmondson
Richard Farnworth
Edwin Firth
Edward Forrest
Richard H. Foxcroft
Harry Gamble
Fred Gardiner
Joseph Gibson
John H. Gill
Harry Gillibrand
Tom Greenwood
Harry Gregson
James W. Groves
Joseph Halstead
Robert Hargreaves
Munroe Harrison
Norman Harrison
Albert L. Hartley
Herbert Healey
John T. Heywood
George E. Hirst
John T. Hodge
Fred Holgate
Walter Holmes
James H. Horsfall
Harold Hoyle
Harry Iredale
Frederick Jackson
Charles Jeffries
Joseph Johnson
Edgar Kay
Harry Kay
Christopher Knight
James Knight, M. M.
John Lang
Percy Law
Robert Lawson
William Laycock
Sylvester Layfield
Arthur Lee
Walter Limner
Arthur Matthews
John McIvor
Thomas McNamara
George Meldrum
Robert H. Milne
James Moles
William Moor
William H. Moore
Harry J. Moorhouse
Arthur Mottershead
Ernest Nussey
Wilfred L. Oates
John W. Ogden
Harry Ormerod
Thomas Ormerod
Edgar Parker
Walter Parker
William Phillips
Hubert Pickering
Phillip D. Pickles
Walter Pickover
Edmund J. Priestley
Stanley Procter
Caesar T. Rainford
John Reedy
John H. Richardson
Samuel Rigby
Emmanuel Rogan
Peter Russell
James Seymour
Cooper Shuttleworth
Richard W. Shuttleworth
Douglas Smith
Edgar Smith
Ernest R. Smith
Herbert T. Smith
John Smith
Wilfred Smith
Willie Smith
Alfred Spencer
Harry Spencer
John W. Spencer
Percy Stead
Frank Stott
William A. Sutton
John Taylor
John Thompson
Albert Thornton
Richard Townson
Thomas Townson
T. James Treverton
James Tuddenham
Fred Tuley
Alfred Turner
Lewis Varley
Thomas A. Waddicor
Frank Waddington
Edward Waite
Hebden Walker
Bertie Wallbank
James Walsh
Arthur Walton
Willie Walton
Thomas H. Watson
Percy Wharton
Richard Wharton
Richard A. Whiteley
James Whitell
Hartley Whittaker
James S. Williamson
Sydney G. Williamson
William J. Williamson
Arthur Wilson
William H. Wilson
Robert Windle
Jabez Wintersgill
Alfred Woodhouse
James Wormwell
Samuel Wormwell
Foster Yerkess

1939 1914-1919 1945

Names WW II T. Benson
J. L. Brotherton
T. Cragg
J. M. Croft
N. Cryer
J. Halstead
H. Higson
F. Holding
Names WW II H. Holding
D. Hudson
R. Ibbetson
R. K. Lord
S. Moss
A. W. Newhouse
J. H. Penman
J. Pickles
Names WW II J. R. Pickover
N. Pilkington
R. Redfern
J. Reynolds
S. Smallwood
Clifford Smith
Cyril Smith
Names WW II E. Smith
T. Smith
D. S. Tattersall
J. Tinkler
H. Walton
D. M. Whitaker
R. W. Woodhead

Further Names
Further names

Keith Wintersgill Keith Wintersgill
Ernest Shaw Ernest Shaw
W. W. II
William H. Nicholls William H. Nicholls
W. W. II
Stanley Berry Stanley Berry
W. W. II
Charles B. Emsley Charles B. Emsley
W. W. II
Herbert Bailey Herbert Bailey
W. W. II
Thomas H. Pickles Thomas H. Pickles
W. W. I
George A. Green George A. Green
Boer War
F. N. Cook F. N. Cook
in service
George A. Hayhurst George A. Hayhurst
W. W. II
Jordan D. Bancroft Jordan D. Bancroft
Mark A. Davies Mark A. Davies
in service

The Memorial (Pic. 1 and 2)
Picture owner: David Larkin
Source: War Memorials Online
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This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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