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Colliery Desaster Memorial - Easington Colliery, Co Durham, England

29 May 1951

Miner Memorial Entrance Inscription

Remember before God those who gave their
lives in the Easington Colliery Disaster in
May nineteen hundred and fifty one to whom
this garden of remembrance is dedicated.

Memorial Inscription

This tablet is erected to the memory of
eighty three men who gave their lives in the
Easington Colliery Disaster
twenty ninth May nineteen hundred & fifty one.

Seventy two graves are in this cemetery
the following nine men are buried elsewhere:
Frederick Carr • Richard Champley • Joseph Godsman
Ernest Goynes • Herbert Goynes • John Harker
John Wm. Henderson • Stanley Peaceful • Stephen Wilson

Also to the memory of two brave men
John Young Wallace and Henry Burdess
who gave their lives in performance of duties
as rescue workers and who are buried elsewhere.

Graves Graves Graves

John Anson, aged 64
8 Thomas Street, Easington Colliery
William Armstrong, aged 55
6 Barwick Street, Easington Colliery
Mark Smart Bedding, aged 38
Born 29 December 1912, Seaham, Co. Durham
84 Wordsworth Road, Easington Colliery
Matthew Blevins, aged 27
28 Inchcape Terrace, Easington Colliery
George Brenkley, aged 20
24 Dean Avenue, Easington Colliery
Thomas Brenkley, aged 32
24 Dean Avenue, Easington Colliery
Louis Brennan, aged 49
Born 03 April 102, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham
3 Cuba Street, Easington Colliery
George Miller Brown, aged 50
Son of Robert Brown
and Elizabeth Brown, nee Clarkson
Husband of Rachel Vest Brown
14 Cook Street, Easington Colliery
Henry Burdess, aged 43
Rescue Worker from Brancepeth Colliery
Overcome by noxious gas on 1st June 1951
Born abt. 1908, Willington, Bedfordshire
Son of Richard Burdess and
Elizabeth Ann Burdess, nee Robinson
Bertram Burn, aged 25
Born 27 February 1926
12 Thorpe Street, Easington Colliery
Emmerson Cain, aged 63
Born 23 May 1888, Tudhoe, Co. Durham
Son of Emerson and Esther Cain
Husband of Jane Shillaw
22 Ashton Street, Easington Colliery
Frederick Cairns, aged 23
72 Station Road, Easington Colliery
George Calvert, aged 50
5 Clifton Street, Easington Colliery
James Calvin, aged 51
Conveyor Maintenance
1 Laburnum Crescent, Easington Colliery
Frederick Carr, aged 50
Born 19 April 1901
Son of Rosina Carr
Husband of Elizabeth Davison
5 Leachmere Terrace, Ryhope
George William Carr, aged 45
Timber Drawer
5 Cook Street, Easington Colliery
James Carr, aged 38
Timber Drawer
Husband of Annie Carr
5 Leachmere Terrace, Ryhope
John Edwin Challoner, aged 53
Born January 1897, Wheatley Hill, Co. Durham
Son of William Edwin Challoner and
Mary Jane Challoner, nee Hicks
Husband of Sarah Pratt
10 Boston Street, Easington Colliery
Richard Champley, aged 43
Born 03 May 1908, Station Town, Co. Durham
Son of James Winthrope Champley and
Isabella Champley, nee Tinkler
Husband of Veronica Loverance
29 Hazel Terrace, Shotton
Albert Kerr Chapman, aged 44
Born abt. 1907, Lanchester, Co. Durham
Son of Thoams W. and Bella Chapman
Husband of May Box
48 Attlee Crescent, Easington Colliery
Joseph Charlton, aged 42
Master Shifter
Born 04 April 1909, Auckland, New Zealand
Son of Michael William Hardy Charlton and
Jane Ann Charlton, nee Collinson
Husband of Selina Mills
15 Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
John Clough, aged 57
Husband of Beatrice Clough
2 West Crescent, Easington Colliery
William Arthur Dryden, aged 27
13 Tower Street, Easington Colliery
John Ellison, aged 19
2 Wear Terrace, Easington Colliery
Charles Fishburn, aged 52
Born abt. 1899, High Moorsley, Co. Durham
Son of Thomas Fishburn and
Eleanor Fishburn, nee Richards
7 Cardiff Street, Easington Colliery
Henry Fishburn, aged 23
Born abt. 1928, Easington, Co. Durham
Son of Joseph Fishburn and
Ethel Fishburn, nee Wetherell
111 Station Road, Easington Colliery
Thomas Garside, aged 20
Born 26 May 1931, Easington, Co. Durham
Son of Thomas Garside and
Elizabeth Garside, nee McCoy
Husband of Polly Waites Garside
49 Oak Road, Easington Colliery
Joseph Godsman, aged 41
Born abt. 1909, Easington, Co. Durham
Son of Jesse Godsman and
Mary Margaret Godsman, nee Crosby
Husband of Lillian Evelyn Makepeace
41 North Road, Wingate
George Goulburn, aged 58
Mason's Labourer
Brother of Ellen Goulburn
54 Station Road, Easington Colliery
Albert Gowland, aged 51
Born 28 April 1900, Butterknowle, Co. Durham
Son of John Young Gowland and
Sarah Hannah Gowland, nee Raw
Husband of Lily Rippon
20 Bradley Street, Easington Colliery
Ernest Goyns, aged 60
Born abt. 1891, Durham, Co. Durham
Son of Samuel Goyns and
Mary Ann Goyns, nee Thomas
Husband of Maude Wheatley
20 Stokoe Crescent, Easington Colliery
Herbert Goyns, aged 56
Born abt. 1894, Wingate, Co. Durham
Son of Samuel Goyns and
Mary Ann Goyns, nee Thomas
Husband of Florence May Garthwaite
1 Fifteenth Street, Wheatley Hill
John Harker, aged 53
Husband of Nora Pow Harker
30 Glebe Avenue, Easington Colliery
John William Henderson, aged 56
Husband of Jane Eveline Henderson
The Cottage, Hawthorne
Thomas Heppell, aged 31
Born about 1920
Husband of Edith Heppell.
16 Easington Street, Easington Colliery
Daniel Hunt, aged 54
Born 10 January 1897, Washington, Durham
Son of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Hunt, nee Foster.
Husband of Sarah Hunt.
8 Castle Street, Easington Colliery
Stephen Hunt, aged 24
Born July 1926, Stanley, Durham
Son of Timothy and Mary Hunt, nee Stars
5 The Crescent, Easington Colliery
William Hunt, aged 43
Born October 1907, Perkinsville, Durham
Son of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Hunt, nee Foster.
29 West Crescent, Easington Colliery
Arthur Chambers Hutton, aged 42
Born 06 April 1909
Husband of Hilda Hutton
72 Oak Road, Easington Colliery
Frederick Ernest Jepson, aged 68
Born 18 October 1882, Dales Green, Staffordshire
Son of Charles and Fanny Jepson, nee Poole.
Husband of Isabella Clark Chicken.
11 Abbot Street, Easington Colliery
Lawrence Jones, aged 36
Born 16 August 1914, Brandon, Durham
Son of William and Margaret Anne Jones, nee Dunning.
Husband of Rene Wade.
1 Attlee Crescent, Easington Colliery
Thomas Edward Jones, aged 35
62 Station Road, Easington Colliery
Herbert Jeffrey Jopling, aged 58
Born March 1895, Spennymoor, Durham
Son of John and Letitia Jopling, nee Ferguson.
Husband of Elizabeth Roxby
11 Ashton Street, Easington Colliery
John Kelly, aged 57
Born 14 November 1893
Husband of Winifred Kelly
11 Clifton Street, Easington
William Kelly, aged 28
Son of John and Winifred Kelly, nee Burns.
Husband of Betty Hall
11 Clifton Street, Easington Colliery
John Edward Armstrong Lamb, aged 43
Born July 1907, Seaham, Durham
Son of Edward and Mary Clough Armstrong.
Husband of Violet Mills.
15 Butler Street, Easington Colliery
Jesse Stephenson Link, aged 44
Born 13 September 1906, Sunderland, Durham
Son of Edmund George and Elizabeth Link, nee Baker.
Husband of Edith Dixon.
6 Anthony Street, Easington Colliery
Joseph Fairless Lippeatt, aged 44
Husband of Margaret Lippeatt.
Oak Road, Easington Colliery
Peter Lynch, aged 20
Son(?) of Thomas Andrew Lynch
4 Stephenson Square, Easington Colliery
Denis McRoy, aged 23
Husband of Elizabeth McRoy
22 Bolam Street, Easington Colliery
William James McRoy, aged 31
Born March 1920, Murton, Durham
Son of William James and Hannah McRoy, nee Elliott.
Husband of Gladys McRoy.
9 Tower Street, Easington Colliery
Robert William Milburn, aged 26
37 George Avenue, Easington Colliery
Harold Nelson, aged 49
Husband of Elizabeth Margaret Nelson.
27 Bradley Street, Easington Colliery
Albert Newcombe, aged 66
13 Beatty Street, Easington Colliery
Norman Nicholson, aged 29
Husband of Dorothy Nicholson.
51 Oak Road, Easington Colliery
Robert Noble, aged 45
Born January 1906, Petton, Shropshire
Son of William and Margaret Noble, nee Wailes
Husband of Ann Chambers.
24 Austin Street, Easington Colliery
William Edward Forbes Parkes, aged 62
Husband of Emma Parkes.
7 Raby Avenue, Easington Colliery
William Parkin, aged 24
Husband of Barbara Parkin.
31 Thorntree Gill, Peterlee
Robert Brunskill Pase, aged 63
Born September 1887, Darlington, Durham
Son of James and Elizabeth Pase.
Heir: William Pase, hotel employee and
Hilda May Briggs (Wife of William Briggs).
16 The Crescent, Easington Colliery
Stanley Peaceful, aged 37
Husband of Evelyn Peaceful.
6 South Street, Thornley
Alexander Penman, aged 42
Born 28 December 1908, Sunderland, Durham
Husband of Robertina Penman.
71 Oak Road, Easington Colliery
James Porter, aged 32
Husband of Frances Doreen Porter.
51 George Avenue, Easington Colliery
John Thomas Porter, aged 23
Son of John William and
Mary Isobel Porter, nee Hewitson
3 Alnwick Street, Easington Colliery
Thomas Valentine Rice, aged 52
Husband of Elizabeth Rice.
2 Beatty Street, Easington Colliery
John Robinson, aged 50
Husband of Emily Robinson.
5 Carol Street, Easington Colliery
John George Robson, aged 25
husband of Florence Robson
East View, Easington Colliery
George Scott, aged 53
Husband of Mary Ann Scott.
1 Burns Street, Easington Colliery
Albert Seymour, aged 64
01 March 1887
Husband of Hannah Robinson Seymore, nee Davie.
32 Oak Road, Easington Colliery
Frederick Sillito, aged 52
Husband of Elizabeth Cope Sillito.
10 Angus Street, Easington Colliery
George Henry Stubbs, aged 58
Born 15 February 1891, Stockley, Middlesex
Son of John Henry and Eliza Stubbs, nee Stringer.
Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Marshall.
21 Alma Street, Easington Colliery
Hugh Bell Surtees, aged 36
Husband of Vera Margaret Surtees.
4 Bevan Crescent, Easington Colliery
Matthew White Ridley Surtees, aged 60
Husband of Rosabell Surtees.
22 Alma Street, Easington Colliery
Laurence Thompson, aged 54
Son of Richard and Mary Thompson.
Husband of Caroline Thompson.
2 Boyd Street, Easington Colliery
Thomas Thompson, aged 28
Underground Bricklayer
Born September 1922, Easington, Durham.
Son of Thomas aylor Thompson and
Eliza Ann Thompson, nee Green.
Husband of Irene Thompson.
2 Wickham Street, Easington Colliery
Thomas Trisnan, aged 43
Born 25 December 1907, Castle Eden, Durham.
Son of Thomas William Trisnan and
Mary Alice Trisnan, nee Taylerson.
Husband of Annie Arnelia Trisnan, nee Wood.
56 Oak Road, Easington Colliery
Robert Turnbull, aged 64
Master Wasteman
Husband of Catherine Turnbull.
29 Ascot Street, Easington Colliery
John Young Wallace, aged 26
Back Overman, Rescue Worker
Overcome by noxious gas at the same day
Husband of Nalda Wallace.
Deneside, Seaham
George Wilkie, aged 63
Husband of Dora Wilkie.
16 Argent Street, Easington Colliery
Robert Willins, aged 45
Fore Overman
Born 05 September 1906, Edmonsley, Durham.
Son of John Edward Willins and
Mary Emma Willins, nee Blenkinsop.
Husband of Mary Ann Harding.
11 Byron Street, Easington Colliery
John Wilson, aged 62
Hauling Engineman
Husband of Mabel Wilson.
23 Baldwin Street, Easington Colliery
Stephen Wilson, aged 60
Husband of Elizabeth Jane Wilson.
9 Anthony Street, Easington Colliery
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