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Civilian War Memorial - Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland

The Victims

Civilian War Memorial - Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland

Green marked names contain pictures and/or further information.

Alexander, Edward
Allan, James
Allan, Janet
Allen, Lucy
Arlow, Jean Elizabeth Crossan
Arlow, Thomas
Bain, Margaret
Barbour, Robert
Barr, Archibald Bell
Barr, Isabella
Bekin, Abbas
Bellingham, Ann Sharp Gallacher
Bellingham, Patrick Gibbens
Berryman, Robert
Bradley, Ann
Bradley, Elizabeth
Bradley, Jean
Braund, Minnie
Broadley, Catherine
Broadley, Philip
Brown, John
Bryce, Ann
Bryce, Catherine
Bryce, Feliciana
Bryce, Helen
Bryce, Margaret
Bryce, Sarah
Buchanan, Archibald
Burns, Agnes Paterson
Byng, Thomas
Byrne, Michael
Byrne, William
Cairns, Euphemia
Cameron, Catherine
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Helena
Cameron, Hugh
Cameron, John
Carmichael, Flora Munn
Cather, Jean
Caulfield, Joseph
Christie, Malcolm
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Georgina McIntosh
Clark, Sidney
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Elizabeth Carrigan
Clarke, Jean Hannah
Clarke, Madeline Josephine Marie
Clarke, Margaret
Clarke, Mary Burns
Clarke, William Davidson
Cochran, Robert Patrick
Compston, Catherine
Connelly, Samuel
Connolly, Margaret
Connolly, Rosina
Copeland, Alexander Bell
Copeland, Alexander Bell Clark
Copeland, Janet
Corduck, Isabella
Coyle, Marjory
Coyle, William
Crawley, Joseph McIlhill
Cunningham, Ann
Cunningham, Elizabeth
Cunningham, William
Currie, Hugh Mcfarlane
Daly, Beatrice
Darroch, Andrew Govan
Darroch, Annie
Darroch, Elizabeth
Delacruz, Maria Feliciana
Doherty, Bridget
Donaghey, James
Donaghey, John
Donaghey, Mary
Donnachie, Annie
Donnachie, Elizabeth
Donnachie, Sarah
Falconer, Donald McNaughton
Feeley, James
Finn, Alexander
Finn, John
Finn, Margaret
Finn, Mary
Finn, May
Finn, Thomas
Finn, Thomas
Forbes, Catherine
Forbes, George
Forbes, Georgina
Forbes, Mary Gillespie
Fulton, Matthew
Gallacher, Daniel McGlynn
Gibson, Robert
Graham, James
Griffin, Rose
Halbert, John
Hall, George
Harkins, Jane
Hatherall, Catherine
Hendry, James
Hepburn, William
Hetherington, Elizabeth
Hill, Alice
Hill, Jessie
Hill, Joseph
Hope, Marion Cross
Houston, Thomas
Innes, Grace
Innes, Grace
Innes, John
Jamieson, Sarah
Johnston, Frank
Johnston, Marie
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Thomas Rowland
Johnston, John
Johnston, Laura
Johnstone, Marion
Kelly, Eileen Teresa
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Elizabeth Martindale
Kelly, James
Kelly, Mary Jane Gray
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, William Gray
Kennedy, Daisy
Kennedy, Helen
Kennedy, Jean Mills
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Peter McMillan
Kerrigan, Helen
Kerrigan, John
Kershaw, Hannah
Kershaw, Patrick Mannix
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth
Kirkpatrick, Margaret
Kirkpatrick, Williamina
Lamb, Georgina
Lamont, Susan
Leach, Mary
Liddell, James Aitken
Lott, Elizabeth
Loveman, Samuel
MacBain, Betty Sutherland
MacBain, Jean McKinlay Sutherland
MacKinven, Donald
Marriott, Dorothy
Marriott, Ronald Albert
Marshall, Georgina
Marshall, Georgina
Mathieson, Kenneth McLean
Mathieson, Catherine
Mathieson, Donald
Mathieson, Kenneth McLean
Mathieson, Margaret
Mathieson, Robert Dunlop
McAlindon, David
McAlindon, James
McCartney, Mary
McCloy, Jeanie Barnett (Jean)
McCloy, Rose Davidson
McCue, Rosina Meechan Lamont
McCulloch, Annie Dallas
McCulloch, Martha Wooler
McCulloch, Nan
McCulloch, Samuel
McCulloch, Sarah
McCulloch, William Carmichael
McCurdy, James
McCutcheon, Isabella
McDougall, Donald
McGill, Maggie Jane
McGill, Margaret
McIntyre, Mary Stewart
McKay, Thomas
McKechnie, Alexander
McKechnie, Christina
McKechnie, Duncan
McKechnie, John
McKechnie, Margaretta
McKellar, David
McKelvie, Margaret
McLarty, Margaret
McLaughlin, Francis
McLean, Alexander
McNaughton, John
McPhail, Margaret
McPhail, Rosanna
McPhail, Rose
McQuade, Elizabeth
McQuade, William
McVeigh, John
McVeigh, Kathleen Emma Dwyer
McVeigh, Peter
Meechan, Margaret
Millar, Margaret
Millar, Matthew
Neill, William
Oliver, Albert
Oliver, George
Oliver, George
Oliver, Mary Wilson Barr
Oliver, Sarah
Oliver, Stewart
Orr, Mary
Osborne, Robert
Perry, Margaret Jean (Myra)
Perry, Williamina Hodge
Pollock, Mary Ellen
Pollock, Olive
Pollock, Thomas
Rae, Alexander
Rae, Georgina
Reid, John
Robertson, Christina
Robinson, John
Robinson, William
Ross, Charles
Scott, Kathleen Deans
Skirving, Agnes
Skirving, Allan
Skirving, John
Smyth, Thomas
Sorley, Janet
Spence, George
Spence, George Burnie
Spence, Henry
Spence, Jean
Spence, Mary Connelly
Spence, Myra
Stirling, William
Surgeoner, George Steel
Tait, Mary
Tennant, Alexander Gall
Thomlinson, George
Thompson, Daniel
Thomson, Robert
Tucker, George Jackson
Tucker, George Jackson
Turnbull, Margaret Elizabeth
Turner, John McCorkindale
Twigg, Matthew Steele
Walker, James
Walsh, Mary
Watson, Agnes Millar
Way, Annie
Way, Margaret
Way, Michael
Way, Thomas
Weir, Alexander
Weir, Christina Homer
Whitehead, Jessie
Wilkie, John
Wilkie, Leah
Williamson, John

Witnesses of the Greenock Blitz talk about their experiences on "BBC - WW2 People's War".

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This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II. We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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