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War Memorial - Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

1914 - 1918, 1939 - 1945  and  1979

War Memorial WW I, WW II, 1979
to the memory of
our men
who laid down their lives
in the Great Wars

1914 - 1918

1939 - 1945

VE day 1945 - 1995

"For our today
they gave their tomorrow"
VJ day 1945 - 1995

Names WW I

1914 - 1918
Harry Abercrombie
Robert Adamson
John Allison
Alex. Anderson
James Anderson
James C. Anderson
Robert Anderson
Charles Anthony
Thos. S. Armeil
Samuel Bankier
James Barr
William Barrie
Alexander Bell
Robert R. Black
Robert Black
George Bow
Archd. Bowe
William Bowe
Patrick Boyce
Bernard Boyce
John Brown
Patrick Brown
George Brown
Nathaniel Brown
Thos. Brownlee
James R. Bryson
William Buntike
Alexander Burns
George Burns
Andrew Burns
Alex. Caldwell
Peter Caldwell
John Campbell
John Carr
John Chapman
James Clark
David Clelland
Seth Cobb
Thos. G. Comrie
Wm. H. B. Comrie
Taylor Cook
Francis Coyle
John Coyle
Peter Coyle
William Coyle
Edward Deerin
Patrick Differ
Patrick Doherty
William Donaldson
Michael Drain
Wm. C. Edmonstone
William Farrow
Neil Fisher
Andrew Fleming
Henry Fleming
Robert Frew
William Fyfe
Bernard Gallagher
James Garrie
Daniel Glancey
Robert Goodwin
William Goodwin
Adam Gordon
Louis Gould
1939 - 1945
Robert Abercrombie
Robert Abercrombie
Robert Aitken
Archd. Bankier
Robert S. Black
William Brown
Thomas Bryce
George G. Cochrane
William D. Comrie
Francis Connor
William D. C. Crawford
William Docherty
William A. Elliot
Eric Field
George Gilfillan
Matthew W. Graham
Joseph Gray
John Haggart
William Irvine
John Laing
William B. Laing
John Lang
John M. Lennox
Robert Maxwell
Alex. Loudon
James Marshall
Andrew N. Melling
Joseph Melling
Thomas Mitchell
William T. Mooney
Frank McAuley
Roderick McDonald
John McFatter
William MacPherson
William O'Neil
Names WW I and WW II

1914 - 1918
Duncan Gray
John Gray
William Gray
Charles Grindlay
David Grindlay
John Grindlay
John G. Grindlay
John S. Grindlay
William Grindlay
Archd. Haggarty
Duncan Hartley
John Henry
William Hoey
David Holligan
Robert Holmes
Joseph Inglis
Peter Innes
Robert Irvine
Archd. Jarvie
James Jarvie
John Jarvie
William M. Jarvie
David Jennings
Thomas Johnstone
John Joiner
George Kelly
John Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Charles Laing
Bertie Laing
John Lang
William Law

1939 - 1945

Daniel O'Rourke
Robert A. Patrick
John Pollock
Antonio Portunati
Charles Roberts
James A. Shaw
Robert Smith
Thomas Starrs
James W. Stevenson
Robert D. Stevenson

Names WW I, 1979

1914 - 1918
Thomas Lawrie
James Leishman
William Leishman
Duncan Leith
Peter Leith
Robert U. Little
Alex. Lockhart
John Lockhart
Alex. Louden
John Mackie
William Marshall
Patrick Meechan
William Melling
John Menzies
Alex. Miller
David Miller
David D. Miller
John F. Miller
James Miller
John Miller
Robert Moffat
William Moffett
James Molloy
George Morrison
John Morrison
James Morton
Henry Morton
Alex. Motherwell
David Motherwell
Robert Motherwell
Robert Munn
Daniel Murray
Patrick Murphy
Francis McAuley
Francis McBride
Robert McBurnie
Patrick McCann
William McCann
James McCart
Patrick McCart
Patrick McDermott
Donald McDonald
Duncan McDonald
John McDonald
Duncan McFarlane
James McFarlane
Francis McGeough
John McGilvray
Robert McGlinchey
James McGowan
James McGrandells
John McIllwaine
William McIllwaine
Alex. McInnes
Douglas McIntyre
George McIntyre
Bernard McKay
Robert McKenna
Alex. McKenzie
Hector McLean
Constantine McMahon
Richard McManus
Charles McPherson
William McPherson
John McWhinnie
James Neil
Robert Neil
Joseph Nicol
Robert Nimmo
Alex. Nisbet
Bernard O'Neil
James O'Neil
Patrick O'Neil
James O'Rourke
Patrick O'Rourke
Alexander Orr
John Paton
James Pollock
John Pollock
James Provan
Alex. Ralston
John Ralston
John Rankin
John G. Rankin
Charles Rhodes
Isaac Robinson
Alexander Ross
Daniel Rowatt
James Russell
James A. Russell
Robert Russell
William Russell
Peter Semple
William Service
Alexander Shaw
David Shaw

L/Cpl B. F. Blair, Northern Irland, 1979
Names WW I and WW II

1914 - 1918
John Shaw
Peter Shaw
David Sinclair
William Sinclair
George Smith
Robert Smith
William Somerville
Daniel Stark
Hunter Stark
Alex. Stark
Robert Stark
Robert S. Stark
William Stark
James Starrs
Alex. Stevenson
Alex. Stevenson
George Stewart
Robert Stewart
James Taylor
William Taylor
James Thomson
Charles Tonner
Patrick Turley
Alex. Waddell
John Waddell
Thomas Walker
Robert Walker
John Watson
Alex. Weir
Robert Weir
Charles Y. Wilson
George Wilson
William Wilson
James Wilson

1939 - 1945

John Taggart
Peter M. Tauns
Malcolm Thomson
James L. Watson
John Weir
David S. Whyte
Eion A. Whyte
Bertie M. Whyte
Robert R. Wilson
Matthew P. Wyper

Panel WW I

Kilsyth town and Victoria Band
In proud and loving memory of
the following members who fell
in the Great War
1914 - 1919

25576, Simon Gilfillian, 2nd A. & S. H.
3571, William Donaldson, 1st S. Hrs.
3573, Robert Motherwell, 7th S. Hrs.
3574, Nathaniel Brown, 8th S. Hrs.
25314, Robert Neil, 10th A. & S. H.
20017, Thomas Adamson, 16th R. S.
2920, John Watson, 8th S. Hrs.

Panel WW I

Kilsyth Public Band
In affectionate remembrance
of the following members who fell
in the Great War 1914 - 1919

L/Cpl. Ralston, J., K. O. S. B.
Pte. Caldwell, A., C. I. F.
Pte. Leith, P., Q. O. I. G. Y.
Pte. McGowan, J., A. I. F.
Pte. McKenzie, A., A. & S. H.
Pte. Shaw, D., K. O. S. B.
A.B. Taylor, J., R. N. V. R.
Pte. Taylor, J., A. & S. H.
Pte. Walker, T., K. O. S. B.
Piper Millar, J., A. & S. H.
Pte. Johnstone, T., R. S. H.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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