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War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland This monument
is raised to perpetuate the memory of
the youth and manhood of the parish of Kirriemuir
who fell in the service of their king and country
in the Great War

It stands a tribute of homage to the fallen
and an abiding inspiration to postfrity.

"Their name liveth for evermore"

1914 - 1919

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

The Black Watch

Anderson, Pte. D.
Ballentine, Pte. D.
Barrie, Lieut. W. C. O.
Beaton, L/Cpl. J.
Butchart, Pte. W.
Campbell, Pte. L.
Cargill, Pte. W.
Carnegie, Pte. J.
Chisholm, Pte. A.
Chisholm, Pte. J.
Clark, Pte. R., M. M.
Clark, Pte. A. H.
Craik, R. S. M. G., P.
Deuchar, Pte. A.
Donaldson, Pte. G.
Dow, Pte. J.
Findlay, Cpl. D.
Forbes, Pte. D.
Fraser, Sgt. A.
Fyfe, Pte. T. M.
Gardiner, Pte. W. W.
Gardiner, Pte. J.
Geekie, Pte. E.
George, Pte W., D. C. M.
Grewar, Pte. S.
Guthrie, Pte. W.
Hardie, Pte. D.
Hill, Pte. A. S.
Hutton, Pte. W.
Jack, Sgt. J. B.
Jack, Pte. D.
Maxwell, Capt. D., M. C.
Maxwell, Cpl. J. R.
McIntyre L/Cpl. A.
McKay, L/Cpl. J.
McLeod, Pte. J. A.
Meldrum, L/Cpl. W. R., M. M.
Millar, Pte. W. C.
Mill, Lieut. R. C..K.
Mitchell, Pte. C.
Nicoll, Pte. W.
Nicolson, Pte. D. D.
Orchison, Pte. D.
Paterson, Lieut. I. S., M. C.
Reid, Cpl. G.
Renny, Lieut. J.
Reoch, Pte. J.
Robertson, L/Cpl. J.
Scott, Pte. J.
Shaw, Pte. J.
Sherriffs, Pte. J.
Sim, Lieut. W. G.
Simpson, Sgt. A.
Smith, Pte. S.
Spence, Pte. E.
War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

The Black Watch

Stewart, Pte. W.
Strachan, Pte. J.
Suttie, Pte. J. M.
Thom, Sgt. J.
Thomson, L/Cpl. R.
Thow, Pte. J.
Turner, Pte. R. W.
Wallace, Pte. A. B.
Whyte, Lieut. W.
Wilkie, Major D.
Wilkie, Lieut. G. S. M.
Wilkie, Pte. A.
Wylie, Pte. C.

Gordon Highlanders

Barrie, Pte. W.
Caird, Pte. P.
Cuthbert, Pte. J.
Duncan, Pte. J.
Grewar, L/Cpl. C. S.
Grewar, Pte. D. R.
Lindsay, Pte. P.
McPherson, Pte. A.
Milne, Cpl. A.
Morrison, Pte. T.
Murray, Pte. W.
Peters, Pte. W. R.
Scott, Pte. A.
Thomson, Pte. T. M.
Walker, Pte. J. L.

Highland Light Infantry

Clark, Cpl. A. R.
Duncan, Pte. J.
High, Pte. A.
Hurrie, L/Cpl. A. S.
Mearns, Pte. W.
Poustie, Pte. J.
Reid, Pte. J.
Robertson, Pte. H.
Stewart, Pte. J.
Thomson, Pte. W. C.
Winter, Pte. A. L.

Seaforth Highlanders

Dakers, Pte. J.
Fearn, Pte. J.
Hamilton, Pte. W.
Keith, Pte. J.
Kinnear, Pte. W. W.
Malcolm, Pte. D. F.
McHardie, Pte. J. B.
McPherson, Pte. W.
Stewart, Pte. J. D. M.

Scottish Rifles

Anderson, Lieut. J.
Brown, Pte. W.
Brown, Pte. W. D.
War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

Scottish Rifles

Gourlay, Pte. J. T.
Lowson, Pte. D. P.
Thom, Pte. A.

Royal Scots

Chree, Capt. G. W. J., M. C.
Davie, Pte. G.
Lumsden, Pte. G. M.
Purves, Pte. R. S.
Rae, Pte. D.
Spence, Pte. G.

Scots Guards

Bell, Sgt. G.
Bennett, Pte. T.
Crabbe, Pte. W. F.
Irvine, Pte. G. B.
Scott, Pte. A.

Other Scottish Regiments

Barrie, Cpl. C. D. O., London Scottish
Esplin, Pte. D., Royal Scots Greys
Gibson, Pte. J., Scottish Horse
Mackintosh, Pte. H. G., A. & S. Highrs.
Mands, Pte. T., Royal Scots Fusiliers
Petrie, Lieut. H. L., K. O. S. B.
Robbie, Sgt. G., K. O. S. B.
White, Cpl. C., A. & S. Highrs.

Other Units
Royal Field Artillery

Clark, Cpl. G., D. C. M.
Edwards, Pte. D.
Gordon, Capt. A. M., M. C.
Henderson, Pte. J.
Meffan, Bomb. G.
Rattray, Lieut. D.

Royal Garrison Artillery

Lyell, Major The Hon. C. H.
McGregor, Pte. J. C.
Muir, Pte. A.
Watson, Bomb. J.

Royal Air Force

Ballie, Pte. F.
Brown, Pte. W. P.
McNicoll, Pte. A.
Simpson, Pte. W.
Walker, L.A.C. J. W.

Royal Engineers

Ballentine, Spr. J.
Smith, Pte. S.
Young, Spr. A. D., M. M.

Machine Gun Corps

Bayne, Pte. W.
McDonald, Pte. A.

Royal Army Service Corps

Eadie, Pte. G. S.
Edgar, Pte. J.
Hebenton, Pte. A. M.


The Black Watch

Angus, Pte. J.
Fndlay, Pte. J.
Hunter, Pte. A. W.
Lindsay, Pte. D.
McGregor, Sgt. Maj. A.
Robertson, Pte. D. L.
Symon, Pte. A.

Royal Field Artillery

Stewart, Pte. J. L.

Yorkshire Regiment

Grant, Pte. R. M.

A. N. Z. A. C.

Grant, Chap. Maj. W.

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland
War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

Other Regiments

Black, Tpr. C. M. J., 1st Staffordshire Yeomanry
Bonar, Pte L. M., Dragoon Guards
Boyd, Pte. D., West Riding Regt.
Burnett, Pte. J., Royal Fusiliers
Clark, Pte. G., Labour Corps
Doig, Pte. A. M., D. C. M., Manchester Regiment
Forrest, Pte. J., Yorkshire Regiment
Gibson, Pte. A. O., Rifle Brigade
Lamb, Lieut. J. S., Rifle Brigade
Lennon, Pte. R., Kings Liverpool Regt.
Ogilvy, Capt The Hon., Pat J. H. S., M. C., The Irish Guards
Reid, Pte. R. F., South Wales Borderers
Smith, Cpl. J. G. D., Rifle Brigade
Suttie, Pte. W., Royal Fusiliers

Canadian Expedition Force

Allan, Capt. J.,
Ballentine, Pte. W.
Beaton, Pte. A.
Burness, Pte. A.
Chisholm, Pte. A.
Connon, Sgt. W. S.
Dorward, Pte. S.
Dundas, Cpl. D.
Fairweather, Pte. W.
High, Cpl. J.
Hood, A/Sgt. T.
Kennedy, A/C.S. M. R.
Lindsay, L/Cpl. J. R., D. C. M.
Malcolm, Pte. L. M.
Ogilvy, Pte. J.
Robb, Pte. J.
Stormont, Pte. G.
Symon, Pt. J.
Watson, Pte. C.
Wilson, Capt. W. W.
Winter, Pte. W.

A. N. Z. A. C.

Fleming, Pte. D. H.
Guild, Pte. D. C.
Hebenton, Pte. T.
Lawson, Pte. J.
Lindsay, Pte. D.
Lindsay, Pte. W. N.
Mann, Pte. S. L.
McLean, Pte. D.
Milne, Pte. J.
Smith, Pte. D.
Smith, Pte. D. W.

Royal Navy

Barrie, Chief Engineer A. B.
Donag, Stoker W., HMS Hawke
Mann, Second Officer J. B. F., Mercantile Marine
Reid, Seaman George, HMS Hawke

Nursing Service

Mann, Staff Nurse A. G., Q. A. I. M. N. S.

1939 - 1945

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

To perpuate the memory of those who gave
their lives in the World War 1939 - 1945

The Black Watch

Cameron, L/Cpl. D.
Duke, Pte. G.
Kermack, Capt. D. McD.
Kidd, L/Cpl. A.
Leuchars, Pte. D.
McIntyre, Pte. J.
Paterson, Lt. R. S.
Ramsay, L/Cpl. D. A. G.
Robertson, Pte. J.
Stewart, Lt. C. R. H. B.
Stewart, Pte. J.

Hong Kong
Volunteer Def. Corps

Wylie, Pte. L. M.

Royal Navy

Fleming, Stoker E. L.
Lowther, Able Seaman T.
Marr, Stoker W.
Soutar, Able Seaman N. C.

Royal Air Force

Cunningham, Flt. Lt. W. J.
Jamieson, Sgt. J. A. B.
Jamieson, Flt. Sgt. R. D. W.
Kennedy, P/O. H. M.
Osler, P/O. J. L.
Scott, Sgt. A. S.
Simpson, Sgt. A. U.
Young, Sgt. R. McK.
Herd, Sgt. A. F.

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

Gordon Highlanders

Duke, L/Cpl. A. D.
Osborne, L/Cpl. W.

H. L. I.

Hardie, Pte. A.

K. O. S. B.

Johnstone, Pte. P.

K. O. S. B. (Airborne)

Lamond, Pte. J.

Royal Scots

Walker Pte. W. L.

R. E.

Weighton, Driver E.
War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

R. A. C.

Whyte, L/Cpl. A. G.

R. A. M. C. (Airborne)

Scott, Pte. P. W.

R. A. O. C.

Greenhill, Pte. A.

Scots Guards

Harris, Gdsm. D. C.
Lyell, Capt The Lord, V. C.


Gourlay, Pte. R.

Royal Corps of Signals

Forsyth, Sig. A. S.

The grave of Lance Corporal Arthur McDonell Kidd is situated in the cemetery of Kirriemuir. The name of Lance Corporal Kidd is mentioned on the memorial:

War Memorial - Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland 2758391   L. Cpl.

A. McD. Kidd

The Black Watch
28th April 1940 age 21

In proud and loving memory
of Arthur
died on active service
at Grangemouth

A small stone in front of the grave stone tells:
In remembrance of
from Forfar.
C. B. S.


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II. We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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