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War Memorial - Long Ashton, Somerset, England

1914 - 1918  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial WW I and WW II War Memorial WW I and WW II

Greater love
has no man than This,
that he may lay down his life
for a friend (John 15.13)

Today we remember
with love and gratitude
all those who have lost their lives
in the service of their country.
We particularly remember
all those from this parish.
Names WW I
The WW1 list of the fallen
from the Leigh Woods
part of the parish.

Albert Edward Allward
John Stanley Davey
Thomas Kerrison Davey
Richard Prentice Harvey
Burnet George James
Duncan Albert Herbert McDougal
Eric Theodore Woodville-Morgan
Henry George Stevens
Finlay Frederick Traylor
Charles Reginald Watson
Francis Shouldham Watson
George Edmund Borlase Watson
Robert Bruce Melville Wills
Roland Nathanael James Wiltshire
William Arthur Edwin Wiltshire

Names WW I
The WW1 list of the fallen
from the village

James Harold Abernethy
George Henry Ashley
Frederick Barnes
Tom Bartlett
Arthur Stanley Brown
Gilbert Theodore Brown
William John Bryant
Henry Buckle
Harry Burge
Charles George William Butler
Arthur Frederick Carey
William George Thomas Carey
Cecil Horace Collins-Williams
William Nelson Dark
Gus Davies
Harry Fisher
William Henry Fisher
Isaac Sylvester Fisher
William Henry Froud
Leslie Harrington Fry
Richard Frances Gould
Frederick John Dover Gunston
Herbert Daniel Gunston
Ernest Henry Hailstone
Frank Hailstone
Names WW I
The WW1 list of the fallen
from the village

Francis John Hannam
Harold Alfred Hicks
James Hynam
John William Jelfs
Arthur Eckley Lechmere
Charles Stuart Peter McClymont
Arthur Percival Mecklenburgh
John Henry Miles
Frank Claude Mitchell
Martin Henry Mitchell
Reginald Ralph Ogborne
William James Patch
Albert Percy Raines
John Henry Rex
Alexander Robinson
Henry Evan Rogers
Stanley Rolfe
Edward Christopher Stagg
John Lawson Thompson
Edwin Francis Thorne
Ernest Lovell Edward Thornett
Joseph Tucker
Gilbert Russell Walker
A. Young
Arthur Henry Young

Names WW II
The list of the fallen
from the parish in WW II

Robert Eli Bisacre
Albert Robert Bray
Gilbert Stanley Bray
Charles Raymond Brown
George Henry Frederick Burgess
Hugh William Cox
Charles Henry Davey
Dennis Montague Davis
Robert James Dufty
Leonard Walter Esau
Wilfrid Thomas Gait
Eric George Thomas Kitchenham
James Latchford
Harry Edward Luscombe
John Barlow Martin
Kenneth Vaux Mattick
Christopher Joseph Seymour Metford
John Ingram Morris
Elton Talbot Panes
Edwin Peter Popert
Frank Ratcliffe
Norman Ernest Harold Virgin
Charles Arthur Harry George Albert Williams
Civilian deads
The names of the casualties
at 39-40 Orchard Cottages
(Mill Cottages) 12th April 1941

William Walter Wilson
Rosina Wilson
Margaret Rose Wilson, aged 9
David Reginald Wilson, aged 4
Doreen Ann Wilson, aged 3

Other civilian casualties in the district

John William Shortman
Reginald Walter Spriggs
Frederick Frank Toombs

The Long Ashton War Memorial
unveiled by
Mrs. Anne Maw
HM Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset
on 12th April 2021

Eightieth anniversary of the
bombing of The Mill Cottages


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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