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War Memorial - Port Bannatyne, Isle of Bute, Scotland

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial WW I and WW II Inscription
Names WW I
1914 - 1919
Names WW I
1914 - 1919
Names WW I
1914 - 1919
Names WW II    Names WW II

In glorious memory
of the men of North-Bute
who gave their lives for
King and Country
in the Great War
1914 - 1919.

Robert Bennett, Pte., H. L. I.
James D. Brown, Pte., Royal Hldrs.
Claude Gray Buchanan, Cpt., 35th Sikhs
William Campbell, Pte., Gordon Hldrs.
James Cunningham, Pte., A. & S. H.
Thomas Cunningham, Pte., Scottish Rifles
Alexander Currie, Pte., Durham L. I.
James Ferguson, Spr., R. E.
Harry Gallagher, Cpl., A. & S. H.
John A. Harper, Capt., R. A. M. C.
Gilbert M. Hogarth, Pte., Cdn. E. F.
John Hogarth, Ships Cook, Merchant Marine
William Hutton, Sgt., R. F. A.
Neil Keith, Pte., Cdn. E. F.
George Loch, Pte., Durham L. I.
Richard Lusk, Cpl., R. G. A.
Alexander McAlister, Spr., A. E. F.
Neil McAlister, Pte., Cam. Hldrs.
William McArthur, Dr., R. F. A.
Colin McCallum, Pte., Seaforths.
William McCallum, Pte., Durham L. I.
Daniel McDougall, Cpl., Royal Hldrs.
Neil McKinnon, Pte., Machine G. C.

Alex. M. Kirkwood, Sig., Gon. Hdrs.
Donald McInnes, Pte., Durham L. I.
Donald McIntyre, Pte., Cam. Hdrs.
Duncan J. McKellar, Pte., K. O. S. B.
Hugh McKellar, Pipe Major, Gon. Hdrs.
Donald McK. Mathieson, Spr., R. E., A. I. F.
James M. Miller, Lieut., Northld. Fusrs.
Archibald Morrison, Cpl., S. A. Pioneers
Duncan Morrison, Pte., Cheshire Regt.
Malcolm Muldoon, Pte., A. & S. H.
William Thomson, Pte., A. & S. H.
Robert Welsh, Spr., R. E.

1939 - 1945

Robert Craig, Sgt., R. A. F.
Hugh Dott, Sgt., R. A. F.
Edward Lusk, Pte., D. C. L. I.
John McFie, Sgt., Can. H. L. I.
John McIntosh, W/O., R. A. F.
Andrew McIntyre, Sgt., R. A. F.
James Stewart, Sgt., R. A.
William White, M. N.

To the memory of
the young men
of the Twelveth Flotilla
Midget Submarines
who trained here
1942 - 1945
some died that
you and I
might live in freedom
and peace.
R. Anderson
C. E. Bonnell
A. J. Brammer
P. C. A. Browning
D. Carey
J. J. Carroll
H. F. Cook
B. Enzer
P. Evans
G. G. Goss
J. E. Grogan
K. V. F. Harris
A. H. Harte
H. Henty-Creer
E. W. Higgins
G. H. Hollet
P. J. Hunt
E. Kearon
J. Kerr
D. H. Locke
C. Ludbrook
B. M. McFarlane
A. D. Malcolm
R. Maplebeck
W. S. Marsden
R. Mortiboys
T. J. Nelson
J. Pretty
R. W. Pridham
D. N. Purdy
M. Rickwood
J. Sargent
W. Simpson
A. Staples
S. F. Stretton-Smith
I. M. Thomas
B. Trevethian
W. M. Whitley
L. R. Whittam


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.




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