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Ship Disaster Memorial and Grave - Port Eynon, Swansea, Wales
St Cattwg's Church, Port Eynon

S. S. "Agnes Jack", 27 January 1883

Memorial - Port Eynon, Swansea, Wales S. S. Agnes Jack

And the sea gave up the dead

to the memory of
the eighteen mariners who perished
in the wreck of the S. S. "Agnes Jack"
of the bacon line on Port Eynon Point, Jan. 27th 1883
within sight of a large number of people on the shore
who were powerless to render any aid.
Jno. Jones, Master
W. C. Watkins, Chief Officer
W. M. Waben, 2nd Chief Officer
W. Morrison, Chief Engineer
J. Dowse, 2nd Chief Engineer
D. Williams
G. Cook
Jas. Jones
J. Williams
J. Owen
A. Hill
W. Johnson
J. Yeo
R. Roberts
W. Smith
G. George
J. Finn
Phillip Beynon, Pilot
Oh! Had there been a lifeboat there
to breast the stormy main
these men might not have perished thus,
imploring help in vain.

G. B.                    

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This page is dedicated to all the women and men who risk their life to safe the life of others
and for all the sailors who went to sea and never came back.




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